Tuesday, December 27, 2005

My New Machine

Well Ihad time to add another post so here I am!
My new toy, the Ertoel New Age wheel, I love it ,its fast and fun,and Ihope to do heaps on it.

The wool is a combination of angora and wool from the Bendigo Mills that I picked up there on a trip home two years ago.I had wanted to use the treadle wheel but had a sore back and when the opportunity to own a Ertoel came up,well ..I leapt at it.

Not sur what I will make with it,probably a Clopotis ..My DH laughs every time I mention the word.....what am I saying thats so funny....what is he thinking....men.

I have 200g done, should be more but time is short,anyway while at work No3 son called to say that Tilly had nicked a ball of it from the table and it was "a ball of Fluff" in the middle of the lawn..yikes

Well,she only tangled it and I have been able to rewind the fluff back into a normal ball..

I would love to dye it,after reading the Yarn Magazines story about food colouring and jellies, has anyone tried it yet?

The guilty party....Tilly.........resting in the washing that DH tried to get the boys to sort his way,I won't comment on this ,he might read my words..................

Well something different.. My oldest trying to break his neck on a jump he spent three hours building and with Dad as photo expert,performed some tricks.

He is a semi pro BMXer ,sponsored and working hard on getting better and making Mum broke(or trying to) .He is working towards a new frame to be ready for the next comp. This a great photo ,look at the back light.........We had lots of really good ones but the computor went on the blink and they were lost!

Well thats it for tonight, kids have to be feed and sent to bed and a bit of knitting for me(but I have run out of Chocy!! bugger)

Now doesn't she look cute!!!!!


  1. Oooh, love the new wheel! I was checking one out on eBay just recently. Haven't tried dyeing with food dye or jelly yet, but hope to soon. HappySpider has, though, with fantastic results. I think the jelly might be just a little ooky feeling, but am keen to try the food dye.

  2. the food dye was FUN!
    however, i didnt dilute the pink as much as a i should have and once its on its there for ever. so play around with a test patch and dilutions, and make sure the middle of the skein is soaked to (one of mine turned out very white and patchy)
    ciao :)

  3. Hey thanks for comments! I'm trying the food dye today so I might get time to put my results on the page for everyone to see, mistakes and all!
    The wheel cost me a lot(DH nearly had a fit) and the maker didn't want to worry about insurance but I convinced him to cover it much to his disgust.Its Fun to use....Cathy