Friday, January 11, 2008

Its me again!

I just didnt have the urge to sit and write,no photos compounded that as well and in not posting I was able to finish 2 socks and start on their mates,a bit of gardening where the heat allowed,it was around the 43 44 mark on one day and I couldnt change whan I got home hot and sticky as one son needed to go to the docs with a severe eye infection and then just after that I had to return to school to lock up and arm security for the tradesmen working on the parquetry floor.

Oh and then the younger kids wanted to go to the pool. It was like" quick get in,youve got 20mins" "dont stand there gossiping!swim!" followed 20mins later with another 20mins of trying to coax them out,LOL,the pool manager must have agreat laugh at my expense!

ON the good side my Dad is home and although has lost a huge ammount of weight at least Mum is not alone now! She nearly slipped into the river trying to start the pump last week and theres a moderate river coming down but not the flood they originally thought! Im abit worried Dad will try to shift the B..... pump himself!

Im starting to think aging parents are very much like teenagers......

Well I went to load the photos I did manage to get and I cant find them so Im leaving you with one of the green Monster that has since been stripped back ready to paint be lowered by Son No 1, this ute apparently has won some awards in its day so we are encouraging him to do everything slowly and Properly!!!!

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  1. Glad to hear that your Dad is home, been wondering how he was getting on.
    Hope you've had a cool change over's been stinking hot here too.