Sunday, September 28, 2008

Long Weekend!

Ive had a nice long weekend this time and with 3 days of work and a RDO next Friday what could be better!
Even managed to leave stress behind too!
Look what Ive been up to today! The lovely Rachel with all her gorgeous efforts has spurred me on to drag out some bits and pieces ...This top Ive got to about half way as being at the machine for a couple of hours couldn't bring myself to get the overlocker out and re thread with white bit it all easy now so hopefully Ill finish it in the next day or so! I'm doing the blue version with the sleeves left open to see if I like it,if not then Ill add the pleat!

The other one waiting in the wings is this one... I am however waiting to see how the first one goes and then I may just do a second in this fabric and keep the lace for another day!

Here's another closer look at what I wanted to do,originally it was to be in a lovely paisley print I found,all dark oranges etc very similar to the photo on cover but shop has since closed and with no other dressmaking shops in Kal (only Chezs who deals in patchwork products) I might get Lincraft to send some soft Georgette samples like I used to years ago when living in the real outback!

Guess what I found though, that there are very few online fabric shops where you can see what the products look like(even though I prefer to feel before buying,a rough look would be nice so I can then decide if its worth getting samples)

I wanted to do these patterns ages ago but felt that my short hair style wouldn't look very good with that type of top but since I'm growing it out to a messy longer look ,thought Id dig them out. That will teach me to leave the ideal fabric behind next time!!!

On the knitting /spinning front,Ive finished the Finn , 3 and a bit skeins, about 320m. Now I'm thinking of knitting a "Sock Blank", hand painting it and then knitting something else,socks or gloves,a fast portable project! hmmm,not enough weekend days...

I'm currently dyeing some polwarth top in some gorgeous dyes from Mandies EGMTKs which I want to card with silk(again from Mandie!), no idea what to do with finished fibre but it should be fun.. I'm off to play abit more!

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  1. How funny! I have both those patterns, bought them a couple of years ago and haven't got any further than cutting out the paper pieces.