Saturday, September 20, 2008

Proof of busyness!

Ok this will prove that I have been Crafting!

First up is the sock and a half done foot of another in handspun BFL, on 3mm needles,very fast to knit,gloriously soft and spoingy!! These are for me as I did a nice pair for Hubby last Winter and really wanted a pair for me.I have another large ball in blues/whites going the same way later! Oh it's a made up toe up pattern starting with a basic 58 stitches,must finished next heel quickly as I didnt write down the instructions down. Anyway I think I may have enough for a pair of mittens too..that will also apply to the rest of the BFL I did H socks with too and they were bigger than mine..wish me luck!
And this is a no brainer sock in JigSaw using that st from the Death By Hat pattern,as said before its like the Olympic Sock pattern on Ravelry but I actually started this before I saw that one,had a good giggle about it.Dont know how its going to fit really as I cast on 74 sts and reduced them to fit the pattern st in ,didnt even take notice what I had on the needles while patterning. The ribbing at the top may be bit too stretchy but it will definely be good for circulation!
And this is the Moorit I finished last night,(theres another skein but it was hidden in stash and I just wanted an example anyway) its very soft and what some classers would say is doggy in character but it will make a gloriously soft pair of gloves for me and Mum,found a nice 8 ply pattern on Ravelry and have another given to me in pattern stash so hopefully I can get them done later,have so many lovely projects I want to do!

With a close up to see the colours....pale beigey tones to darker ones,simply yummy,would like to get more of this baa baa...

Still havent cut out tops,the table isnt tidy and having no room makes dressmaking a no go this weekend anyway,its warming up rapidly here and I reckon I could use them in a few weeks! The pool opens in October just after the Holidays and Im tipping the cost will be around $200 mark this year.All the boys can go on their own but I will still play a part in watchiing them especially as S isnt a strong swimmer and being epileptic as well wont sit well in my mind.

We think he had a "grande mal" last week as he was restless as though thrassing around but when I checked he was asleep.The next morning and since then really, he s not been himself.At least two boys have a weird tonsil thing and hes very doppy looking. One other blacked out in the tub a few days ago too and being a big boy hes bruised his elbows where he hit the bottom of shower.Me being a worry wart, my first thought was a heart problem as a young fella here last year collapsed at work but wasnt found for an hour ,out to it beside his ute in front of workshop.It was a heart problem apparently,hes ok now but it makes you think, especially with viruses affecting hearts and so on.Never the less, instructions have been issued to other boys to check him while showering BUT no S,.,T stirring.Knowing my boys they rise to the challenge of a bit of fun,LOL Im hoping to have both checked out soon by Paediatrican...

Oh I forgot,I also have another fleece arrive ,a gorgeous pure white Merino, with a good length and having been a covered sheep,vegie free! Its been put safely away so I can give it the attention it deserves after the other bits have been worked on and finished.Currently spinning Finn Lamb,its to die for,I must a cats nine lives or more as every bit of fluff is to die for,LOL


  1. Scary stuff, seizures! I hope everything will be ok.

    Your socks are gorgeous. Mmmm handspun!

  2. you have been busy ....hope your boys are sorted soon .
    nice eldest hadsome 'lessons 'a month or soago ..loved it but still prefers to draw ...not sur ewhere the talent came from ..not me '

  3. great sock colour!

  4. Golly, your spinning has really moved along :-)