Friday, November 07, 2014


Just a fast quick one while I can bear to type,I have bursitis of a fairly severe level in both shoulders,its been coming on for some time but the last straw was the extra work I had to do for the 40th Celebrations at the school.Its my own fault,I felt I had to "perform" due to the laziness and abuse i was getting from the other contracted gardener and no support,but I should have told myself it doesnt matter, well the damage is done.  I now have to start at just before 6am .A bit of short leave is coming up so that will be welcome especially when I suppose Ill be having cortisone injections. Doing light stuff for a few weeks with be hard though,as theres not to much to do and Im fussy too,love my edger and as long as I can start mower that should be ok, the blowing in the morning is the worst plus I found driving in and out of town( 120 round trip) was the pits.The job can be boring and repeatative but Ive doing it for nearly ten years,its a way of life now.This whole thing has really rocked my confidence and whether Im even worth it,with Hubby even wading in to say thats its how i am,,which I find so odd as hes usually the one to say go and fight for yourself.

Sitting here today with hot and cold packs alternating over shoulders is helping plus Brufen and panadol,I did manage these today,I like them both.The little wren was influenced by a photo I saw on the net,Ive done a bit more work to both since ,including the birdies second leg!!but I think Ill do another similar of the wren on actual heavy paper and put away for a future exhibit.

Right now I should go read some of the stuff I need to do before the exam in two weeks...

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