Friday, October 31, 2014

A little peace

Im very sore and a little tired of things at moment,the push to get school ready for the 40th Celebrations has done t,I think,waiting for diagnosis ,that Ive either torn something in my left shoulder right on the tip or it a rotor cuff thingy,thanks to Google search of symptoms,I medicating myself with a Brufen one at the beginning of the day an done just before bed so i can cope,two panadols in between and with,getting dressed is an evil chore,sudden moves are a shock,Im missing the gardening at home,the lawn is encroaching my vegie patch etc,a little a day Im hoping to keep level.
 Went to docs in Kalgoorlie,the walk in one and the Dr after a quick precursery check on how much movement I have etc,issued a request for ultrasound,on worst shoulder even tough both are sore but didnt give me any idea of treatment as such or how to handle things so going on what Ive gleaned Ive put myself on light duties where I can,my assistant has been snaffled to drive school bus to the Albany thing for Anzacs so good in a way I can poke around and keep going that way. He didnt even give me medication for pain so again Im working that out too,the pain is excruciating sometimes. The ultrsound at hospital was like two months away and although free I cant stand the pain anymore so coughing up the un refundable $180 at the private run clinic,looks like noodles for a week...
Im still plugging along with essay down to 400 odd words to go,Id be done if I didnt keep going back and rewriting sections,lol and where I can, am still playing in Journal,see??
my Blue cow
and of course our sunset was so pretty last week
My youngest is off camping with a school friend this weekend,Im a little freaked as he is my baby and I ve rarely let him out of my sight,hes and his older brother are the only ones of the boys not to have hit the drinking scene as early teens (he does like half a glass f my expensive Cienna though) and of course been exposed to worst,at least his friends should be cool,their lawyer parents Im trusting to be capable of caring for them out bush, I gave him the once for this morning before he left for school on the bus,please dont run around in bush without torch as snakes are really making their presence known this year with several people being bitten,I even packed a big bottle of water in his duffle bag,lol along with some lollies and chips and enough clothes for a big weekend and also cologne....hes nearly 16 .....
Alas I must go,I have a meeting with an egg sambo then back to essay while quiet.


  1. That blue cow is intense. Well done!

  2. LOL Thank you,it was fun