Sunday, October 19, 2014

A bit of wet weather

Wow I havent seen so much rain for a while,11mls on Friday followed by 43mls on Saturday night and now another down pout,my lawn has grown two inches I m sure. The last drop and it was a drop came down half an hour ago with what sounded like buckets of fine hail then heavy heavy rain for ten mins,it was red on the radar, I dug up the lawn where the Mulberrys going this morning so that ll be well wetted to pull the lawn out.I wish I could mowed the grass on Friday though
Im getting head way with essay,intro and first paragraph done, but busy looking for a citation to fit into last bit,it seem a long way to 2300 words when Im up to 520 now and havent finished talking about the first of three works,hmm Sublime it has so mnay twists and turns in its history and when I have to connect beautya s well ,that a double Hmmm,I have Friday off next week being my RDO so should get it down by that weekend so I can spend two weeks polishing.
My arms and shoulders seized up on me for the last three day days,finally found some ibuprofen, which has taken off the sharp pain,lets hope I can work properly tomorrow.I have a feeling Ill be coping some flack this week for some reason.
More pics,I did a magpie this morning after breakfast,he needs some more tweeking but Im happy so far
Master Magpie singing for his supper
 Mrs Wsp dragging her dinner home
 Western Glory
 Mr Lincoln

 and this orange Id been waiting to open turned the same as the older one Ive have,feeling ripped off as it doesnt look at all like it tag
 and the silver beets going smashingly
. cant wait to get this essay out of teh raod so I can do plain study for exam though theres till the issues of contributing to BB,grrr

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