Friday, October 17, 2014

A little update

The weathers turning well interesting,two blokes in family have gone fishing up coast from Esperance and are strict instruction not to put toes in water,its Mulga country,remember that documentary on that something that ate a young lady shark? well thats where that big sharky lives,its known as the shark corridor from Melbourne round to Perth,and a good fishing spot.

Anyway grew the courage to speak with Principal today to ease my mind after all the bad vibes i had my way since the failure of an applicant getting job,hes reassured me it remains confidential,lets see how its spins,but I feel better now.

I had a wonderful visitor today,we talked for three hours,and I hope Margaret has her car back very soon, I do hope I will see her again,it was wonderful to talk with someone not from here,it was like a breathe of fresh air!!! See Jan she found me!!!Lol
My week in photos

Mallow in Macro

 African daisy

The lastest African Daisy,"White Lightning

 The lovely Fiery Bottle Brush

And some spinning
 And of course have been playing with those Winsor Newton watercolors
Ok I must away to study book,and the Sublime


  1. Hi Cathy,
    I had an email from her saying she too had had a great time with you. When I first mentioned you, that was the day she had already stopped at the school to admire the garden! She enjoyed her time with you and it was a good thing. It is one thing to plan to stay in one spot for a while. Quite another to have an enforced break because gearbox has seized up and has to be fixed. She told me she loved your spinning. I love the photos in this post. Daisies have always been a favourite of mine and these colours are beautiful.

  2. I just remembered that she mentioned where you grew up. My teacher in fourth class, very many years ago, came from there and said he used to swim in the river. I realise a connection is unlikely but wondered if his was an established family from there. Surname was Deegan. I think that was spelling.

  3. Hi Jan We had an energetic three hours chat lol, and I could see she was on edge of stressing to be on her way,I hope they get car fixed fast! And thank you photos comments,I love my camera,as for your teacher could it been Doogan?

  4. Possibly. Deegan sticks in my mind. First name was Jimmy.