Friday, October 24, 2014

more creativity

Im enjoying the few minutes here and there to add to the Journal,it makes me feel good,Im not fifnished yet but wil continue to work on it during the day as I write this essay,im about a third through and after a long horrendous week,I should be able to get most of the rough doen today
It doesnt have to make sense either,just color and line and freedom to escape.
We had a horrendous accident this last weekend, a young family done for ever,it happened on the road between here and Kalgoorlie,late evening after a massive storm,we got 167 points in the old scale here in Kambalda itself so the roads would been a danger on their own. This week has been an ongoing one of grief counselling for staff and students,the rush of specialists on Monday was fast and efficient,I stayed clear as soon as Id worked out what was going on,I knew the family as such but not closely,the whole community have rallied to form fund raising and help.It takes tragedy to draw people together unfortunately ,but to see the parents almost chase the news reporters away from the front of the school are awe inspiring. These reporters were over heard laughing and joking about the whole thing and "this Hole" while flying out from Kal,I hope they never come back on assignment again
On the good side the rain has brought green and a freshness to the area,caused by two lows that met over the goldfields that the weather office declared extremely rare,it has rejuvenated my work area but my lawn at home has gone off its tops,the Mulberry tree I plated look fab and the secret garden is coming a long beautifully. The loganberry is actually bearing fruit,they ll color soon and just to try one will be awesome.the poor raspberry is holding its own but it ll be a few seasons before it does much,the asparagus is also looking look but again it ll be a couple years too.
I think Ive developed a shoulder problem after  a bit research looks like a rotor cuff problem, not sure how I can handle that as I dont want to take time of work so taking Brufen and resting while I can.I cant brush hair which is nearly to my waist lol and getting myself toast this morning was interesting

,I have a rather handsome scar developing on left leg too after noticing a nastie the good doctor (who happened to be a surgeon ) cut out,its lucky as it was a true nasty,but hes assured me he got it all,I had stitches out last Tuesday and bugger me while taking work boots off Wednesday ripped it open,the nurses here at nursing post managed to get it back together and now Ill all super glued up.
Next job to do is mow lawns and pot up some wonderful dutch iris that a friend gave me,looks like zillions of them lol

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