Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New Year to be

The weathers been so much better than last year summer, the hot weather is yet to come but during the Christmas holidays 13, it was 47 for about three days, I was alone at work and end up suffering heat exhaustion, it was horrible , even though I stayed in the shade for the worst the sheer pressure of the heat was out there. So far weve got to nearly 42 I think.

On the home front, much nicer stuff, I managed this...
Bendigo 4 ply cotton, buttercup and parchment two tea towels with a fair size square that was a mistake, however I learnt I could cut and rewarp loom if I have plenty of yarn
Acrylic Blue Hydrangeas
Water colour, Blue Hydrageas 2
Windsor and Newton watercolour desert colours, LakeLefroy from a photo I took a couple years ago. Old fence line.
Liquid Graphite, Grassboys at Warrumbungles 2013
I dont know what I might tackle this weekend but may warp loom in between writing my very last essay for uni, despite the situation prior Christmas and their attempt to unnerve me I managed to get a Distinction for first essay in this unit. The essay is about nature and  Australia's identity in which I refer to at least four public and private garden around Australia. Ive chosen my Grandfathers homestead for one, and Sir Samuel McCaughey (he had owned grandfathers place previously) for another, this will be a good one for me being a professional gardener and a love of plants gardening and history of course

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  1. You made those, with weaving?? They are marvellous: so clever!! I love the hydrangea paintings, they are very common and in flower now. I love the blue the best. Oh no, what awful temperatures and what an awful man. It's going to be 20 here tomorrow. We are so happy at my house. I wish cooler weather for you and stay well.