Saturday, January 24, 2015

Just keep smiling

Its going to be an anus horibilus...
on the other side I added to the Hydrangeas and with my new matt cutter recut a commercial one to fit within the frame nicely,can you see what I did with the painting?
I am very happy with this,I ll try to do a collection of say ten through the year, the Scarborough lilly is next I think, after the current essay of course
The best thing that even after the traumatic start to the holidays I finished that essay and I got a beautiful unexpected "d" for it... D meaning distinction... the current one is halfway ,2300 words,Ill be struggling but I hope I ll be back at it by Lunch tomorrow and the words will flow,listening to music helps though I get sore ears..still not sure if I will go through to do the masters,there will possibly a demand for art teachers by the time I finish but if I could get ahead to take time off work to complete those two years full time I ll be ready to go.two years to go my son will be doing year 12 exams just as  Im finishing the last unit.
Still havent done those teatowels lol, maybe tomorrow..they need to be stitched then washed to hopefully full the weave...
Oh before I forget this the Holden Ute water colour,also reframed so more of painting is seen
Takes me home,someone wanted to buy it but I wont be parting with this one
havent done any spinning for a week or two,the last lot of alpaca is just divine,need to do more as I have the pattern in mind,it will be awesome too
Am halfway through another Multinomah too,Green,not sure who will get it but its a special one too.

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