Saturday, February 07, 2015

Hello Hello Hello

Been a while,havent had time to write very busy long days at work yes doing extra time to keep on top of things,and finishing very last essay for this  Degree, got to cram now as theres a open book exam sitting there waiting, not sure if its this week or next,cannot take time all... watching my back there... so over all?  just plain too tired
nearly finished this,I took pic on tablet and added frame so now i can see where it needs work,Ill let it sit for a few weeks then come back to it, it s a very orangery rose that fades to a pink on the outside but the pastel pencils those expensive ones I bought a while ago even with blending I could not get the right tone and colour that I was happy with,layered with soft pastel to blend in but now cant find those paper sticks that are great to get the colours worked into paper.
Made it to Spotlight this week,went to the big smoke to hold Hubbys hand while he saw neurologist,what a horrible unprofessional man ,he consulted patients in a house that was 102 years old, talking Subiaco here, dust everywhere,hes obviously proud of the collectable bits he had stacked everywhere,the garden was a shamble,over grown with dying plants interpersed with strangling ones. The whole place is looked after would be rather nice and the gardens a delight. This doctor is I could even call him that was so up himself,he only acknowledged me when he tried to use me to get to my Husband, you guessed yet,? yep insurance Doctor,he even threatened Hubby "Im writing this report it your choice" he could not understand that he lost the use of most of his right hand he cannot drive a underground truck at night as you need to feel the controls,there is no light to see where your hand is. These people are just aweful,they ve been spying on us for four years,tapped our phone,watched me at work as well, the sad thing is they ve used local people in need of extra income or income full stop,whether its pensioners or cleaners at my work place. The cleaner at my work is no cohorting with the one giving me grief, if only we could sell the house and get out of here.
Anyway back to Spotlight,I managed to pay it a visit, stocked up on sewing needles both hand and machine,and most excited I got the last four boxes of T pins,I use them for blocking my knitting, I wanted to have a quick look through pattern books and grab some fabric for a couple tops but hubby was getting antsy. Also made it to Jacksons,two water colour pads,two carving blocks a two pastel pencils, a white charcoal one and a mini print roller,this shop is the Midland one so next time ill get Hubby to drop me at the Super Store as they had the duck canvas pads and a few extras. Both shops are great,the staff wonderful but neither stocks the whole range and are different in what they do carry. My fav is the Subiaco store.
I also got a pack of Vellum ,played with drawing on that last night, cheated a bit, tracing a photo but I want to experiment with different mediums,so Ill embellish this sheet with inks etc.Vellum is used in book or card making too,embossing etc,so this was also part of an idea I have to make cards next years Christmas. I made a few beautiful little gifts for a few people at work again this year but Im making cards next year,I dont want to make people feel they have to go out and return like wise much to Hubby delight as hes been telling me for a some time not to waste my energy,I do love gifting and these people I know enjoy the receiving ,the one who I was surprised with as she is very crafty herself, has inadvertably given me this idea using vellum to decorate a simple greeting card,.  Another beautiful person has been the only one to remember my birthday at work lol but as my arm was giving me gip last year I didnt finish hers, it will be an early or late gift this autumn ,lol another gift is already in the making for this years Bday, have to find the pattern though,got the pic but somehow managed to lose the pattern
oh remember google image search and got it yay! zigzag-fingerless-gloves-
Now I can start it too! Making these allows me the chance to try new pattern and make someones day what could be better.
Well I better go study,too raa!!!

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