Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday to rest

Well Ive done and dusted last unit,I should go back in and comment a bit on BB but I managed to get a "HD" for last Assignment plus "HD" for exam so counting together with first  Sub at a "D" means an over all mean of  "D" for whole unit,the very last essay unit,its all practical fun stuff now except I have been so upset and angry at whats happening  in other quarters I forgot to enroll,missed by five hours,they didnt remind me either bugger,neither units are available for two SP and I have to do them in order,Id emailed tutor,Moira the head honcho to see if I can sneak in VSW31 the first of last four units for SP 2 in three months that way Im not put back 6 months to graduation

so to fill my days after work..well I can stay at work longer and get more done,my shoulders are killing me even typing here,its almost unbearable sometimes
to make it easier Ill dot point,hmmm dot point Im so over that dot pointing crap for some other person if I can even call them a person..however

  • stay at work and get more done
  • spin more
  • knit and finish feather weight,
  • start Robin
  • get garden done,my secret garden is coming along beautifully
  • spend a few Saturdays in Kal doing the lazy coffee stuff
  • and most beautifllu get some art work done,in line with my hopeful exhibit
I went looking for simple quilt patterns earlier after a wonderour pack turne up from the lovely Retromummy,charm squares and this one has peaked my interest as I have a jelly role that sat in my cupboard for nearly two years
A Patch A Posie Quilt 
the lovely designer used one jelly roll for this queeen quilt,5 metres of a plain back ground,I can see this on my shopping list, the plains I might use scraps I have here someplace,with three months to myself I think it will work
Mail list

  • Naughty a huge skein of cormo from the extraordinary Ms Gussett
  • a skein of DK in 47ag from a great Ravelry person wh came to rescue now I can go ahead with Robin in Hertzbut (dark red) and 47ag (deep grey)
  • Img_7075_small2

  • and a top from Charlys rare breed club
I washed up the last bobbin of the gorgeous taffy camel coloured alpaca shot with purple silk today,OMG its divine,so soft,i was a bit ho hum spinning it ,very dirty too but now wow,it will be a shawl of some kind, possibly this 
It depends on how much metridge I get but failing that I have some lace  Wollmeise  in a soft turquoise still,half a ball, have to measure whats there
I made a chicken red curry tonight I think I will retire and watch more of the Game of Thrones...


  1. I do hope there is some flexibility for you to continue your studies. I find it hard to believe that they would not accept a willing student, especially a returning one. Good attitude to consider what you could do with your time if they don't budge.

  2. I love the shawl, the lace is gorgeous. Good luck with the study mix up. Very poor show that they didn't remind you, It would have been so easy, no wonder you are cross. What a great quilt pattern and a fabulous way to use up scraps too.