Sunday, August 09, 2015


What is Pochoir!
  1. Pochoir (French: “stencil”), as distinguished from ordinary stenciling, is a highly refined technique of making fine limited editions of stencil prints. It is often called hand colouring, or hand illustration. The 20th-century artists Pablo Picasso and Joan Miró made prints in this technique for book illustrations.
  2. curtisy of Brittania

  3. My effort is certainly not good but Im inclined to buy a frame cheap one lol and display it,theres a quality about it I love....
  4.  another link or two to show something towards process
  5.!printmaking-techniques/c1vt3  just roll down the page to this technique
  7. other than that Im still suffering much pains and aches due to work injuries,,if anyone can give me some uplifting stories of survival from bursis?
  8. just some other stuff to add,previous bits from the crafty corner
  9. yes i jumped in an am weaving Wolmiese lace in Black,just looking at it currently but it ready when i am

  10. This has been a draft for a few weeks,well since my birthday, im still off work, both shoulders arms and upper back are done an fried,waiting for specialist visit, physo is boosting confidence with telling me Im not a lost cause...we ll see,loads of pilate exercises,

  11. Something not right with blogger lol but i will press on...
  12. Looking forward to a three month break from uni,as soon as I can get this current submission done,pretty hard when brains died, lol
  13. No spinning,knitting,or any physical work at all. Im trying to keep up the exercises and brisk walking along the bush tracks where I have to dodge the motor bike riders lol.
  14. Boys shifted  into town so they rigged out spare room as my art studio, cant do much but its quiet and a great meditative space

  15. I thought i had more brushes.. 
  16. To finish heres some pretty shots of the garden,we ve had some lovely rain and the moth orchids loved it
  17. Theres more pics but they are on main computer, using the tablet is easier on me ,some reason sitting at that  computer has me in pain fast. So next time Ill see if I can get them


  1. Love your 'stencil'. Hope the pain resolves ASAP ((hugs))

  2. So do I Judy missing my handworks

  3. I love the stencil too, though I thought your title was poochair!!!! Oh dear. I love the colours, I think ti should be framed. Glad you have an art room, and hope that your aches and pains are settled soon. I only know Tony Delroy who is on the radio as I type, had a bursitisy elbow a while ago. Glad there are a few things making you feel good.