Monday, August 17, 2015

Bush walks and flowers

To help free up my body re shoulders back Ive started walking for an hour every couple days,there s a great dirt road out the back of my home,,I can get a good pace up and hear cars and motor bikes with enough time to get into bush.I feel better on top of the new routine Phyiso has outlayed. On these walks Ive come across some wonderful thIngs , heres one, a variation of the Swainsonia, normally purple,this individual is more blue, gorgeous in real life, S beaselyani I believe.
When I got home I played with some soft pastels
Took a while and I dont think its finished but the act of creating soothes the mind. I think it will be destined as a gift when I m happy with it.
Something i did...
These wrens live around here too, Splendid Fairy Wren

I did another smaller one but not happy with crooked but u get the idea. I recieved another bundle of antique pages so I can do more of this style, maybe a willy wag tail next
The flowers.....


  1. Oh wow, what a gorgeous picture you made. I love the little birds on the text too. I also enjoy my morning walks with The Labradors and their friends. Even if I am not fast, I enjoy the whole nature thing!!!

  2. Anonymous2:02 AM

    Cathy, your art work blows me away, you are so talented. I proudly display the two I have that you have done xx

  3. Thank you Anonymous big grin!!!

  4. I am liked those prints on text works but would really like to know what the text was about. Old eyes can't quite work it out and I wonder if there is additional meaning in there?
    I read about a print making art prize in our paper the other day and thought of you. The Mildura BMW Australian Print Triennial Prize. The prize is valued at more than $10,000. Finalists get to be part of the exhibition. For more information check this out. Why not give it a go, then I can see your work in the flesh rather than on the computer.

    1. theres a few artists who use this im drawn to it for the textural side,I try to choose a page that has a word or title that suits the subject,like Portrait of a lady for the lady wren etc,if you click on pic the picture will come up larger too if that helps