Saturday, September 12, 2015

Spring finally

We have warmer weather at last, actually had shorts on yesterday and sandles ,so nice, the warmer weather is great for my shoulders too. The physio is helping and sometimes ,just sometimes i can almost forget.
On study break,no holiday rhough even after all my planning im stuck at home waiting for specialist next week, so bored, but have more of it as i suspect my right shoulder is in for a bit reline and polish, ill have to endure hubby plaiting my hair for a few weeks after but i should be back at work by Christmas
Onto something nicer,a continuation of my love affair with pastels
donkey orchid
And once again the earlier pastel,im aiming on a series as a fellow student has a small galery has asked me to contribute some works, prints mostly but I thought a small set of WA florals might be good too, i must get some more native prints like the one previosly i did of the Banksia as last Christmas print swap, the magpie one made it to the Milk Gallery in NSW, they are selling the extras to raise funds forvthe Animal  Foundation, so happy I was able to participate.

Swainsonia bailyiani
 Grass trees, my very first etching, I made a few mistakes,used all my hoshi paper up ,when I can Ill get some more of it as I like the Japanese papers.
And below my new art studio area,only small but I can work now without hindering others,if I can work its wonderful,just so much happening at moment,a bit stressful,very glad Im on study break, only four uñits to go yay, then I have a Bach of Art in hot little hands

More flowers both my garden and in the wilds of Kambalda

The blue of this little shrub if magic,they glow, a smudge in the distance but as you approach the blue just bursts

That Blue!!!!

 Havent seen these yellows ones before
 I really must ID these
I think a straw flower type

From my own garden at moment,I cant do much accept look and pat
so excited to get these burgandy red oesteospernums going,close call only plant of that color ive seen in Bunnings,i nursed it along repotted in end of last summer and bingo,here its mixed with the purple and white,ive a yellow and white still in nursery with a new one that yellow with a purple centre

 Excited about these too,havent grown them for years, Ive spent a lot in my garden over this last 6 months,potting mix and plants etc but cheaper and healthier than drugs and meds.

The nasties happening last Christmas had me taking cuttings and striking everything including these pigfaces,also had numerous seedlings ready to go,Ive potted up most  and so glad I did as theres not much left there now, next year if we re still here my garden will be a mirage of color,I have all the right plants to do it

 Love the way the light filters through this


  1. Cathy, I just love these beautiful colours. Spring is here. Winter has bee violent in NSW and very cold so spring colours are welcome. The yellow flow her the pictures of wattle which you needed to identify...,at first I thought it was fire weed, but am not so sure now. Petal numbers don't seem right. Fireweed is noxious to grazing animals as it damages liver and causes death. It has a seed as fine as dust, so it spreads easily on wind. I did a check on NSW Ag Dept site for it.

    However, I love your photos, very cheering. My sister will arrive home today after three months house and working dog sitting in Gladstone in SA. She loved it there. Has been to same place before and was happy to spend a longer time there.

  2. Wow, you have certainly persevered through thick and thin, I can't believe you have only four units to go. It is such a great thing to have your own space to create your art too.Good luck with your shoulder, I hope the plaiting goes well and you are back at work by Christmas. I know your pictures will be so well received at the gallery, must be a feather in your cap!!