Monday, December 24, 2007

Ho Ho Ho! and I dont care if thats not Politically correct!!!!

I knocked off 2 hours early today so I could get back here to do a bit of dusting ahem is that cleaning? Id much rather play with Mandies lastest batch from the club!!!! Alas i fell asleep on the bed catching flies , didnt scare the kids they were nearly doing it too!!!

Ive made a heavy trifle and its cold cuts for lunch and we re going to continue christening the new BBQ and roast the chickens and veggies for the evening meal! Followed by the fore said trifle and pavlova minus Strawberries mind you,their excuse was bad weather down south (myfoot) but we ll try some other berries that arrived in this week!

The Tree is up and the boys and I managed to find the last gold star tree topper in Target (we went with gold and red this year,blue and silver last time)

I think other than spending up on the BBQ and my new sewing machine we re pretty much good on the amount spent on the kids!!

We ve had quite cold starts to the day for a week now and its going to be like that for Christmas morning too!So with threats to the older ones not to wake up the juniors at 4.30 we may get a sort of sleep in!!!

A bit worried about my Mum stuck on her own with Dad still having treatment in Sydney and the river is rising though I doubt she will be cut off at least not until Dad gets home anyway.They ve had heaps of rain too so a bit of green pick might even make an appearance!!!!

A heap of DVDs hired and food laid out Im looking forward to a nice day!

I ll take this opportunity to say A Very Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy if not Prosperous New Year


  1. Anonymous3:44 AM

    Have a wonderful Christmas luvvy!
    Fingers crossed next year you'll be celebrating it over this side of the country :-)

  2. Merry Christmas! And ho ho ho back at you!

    hehe, my son has been making a big deal of the ho ho ho no no that we've seen on the news. In a fun way, though, not too naughty.

    Hope your holidays are great.