Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Tea Cosy Swap!!!!

Its arrived,a parcel of the bestest Tea Cosy,the colours are very me!!!The bikkies are yummo and the tins are simply wonderful,i can see a lot of use out these!!! And Jody must have been stalking my blog as she included the Rowan Book 5 and already Im planning on waht I will knit out

of it,the "Grandpa shirt" for definite!!!!!

Thank you Dear Tea Cosy friend its been fantastic over here in "Wait a While Country",LOL I read that post and wondered if was I the lucky one!!!!!


  1. I am so glad you like it.

    The Red Black and White looks so effective against the tiles (in what I assume is the new kitchen!)

    And I couldn't resist sending you the Rowan Studio 5. It was obvious after the stalking I did that you really wanted it but wouldn't spoil yourself with it! So it was a great opportunity to spoil you.

    I hope the biccies are enjoyed (With a cup of tea if they lasted that long).

    How cute are those tins. I was delighted when I saw them - I sent biccies off to my little brother for his birthday and zephyrama too.
    (You may have seen her hinting).

  2. OOOOOO look at all that loot! I'm glad you were spoilt luvvy, you deserve it :-)

  3. The colours are very St. Kilda AFL club, lol
    What a great parcel you got.