Saturday, March 22, 2008

The End to a Weekis(or two) Horibilus

To pinch a phrase from the Queen herself during a speech a few years ago? These last two weeks were not the bestest time Ive had, but with that I think things have been cleared and I know where I stand...wherein,that area of my daily life will not be revisited on here and only the good things will preveil!

The two older boys at school recieved a merit certificates,P recieved 3,Home Ec,Maths and English,H was Science! I m very proud of the two of them for being recognised (though I believe theres was and I suppose will always be jealously from others that,sadly I ve been too blind to see).

P.. has been the object for bullies since early Primary but being a Big boy now(hes in bigger sizes to his oldest big Brother) is holding his own and not afraid to tell them to F*** Off, I solved the problem in his earlier years when the school failed to do anything by telling him to hit back,it worked,LOL. H.. is a kind of young fella,however, that seems to be able to breeze his way through and come out unscathed,maybe I could get a hint or two from him?LOL

It a marvel to see the different characters merging from each of them.One thing they have in common is a rather strange sense of humour for whichI beieve they may have inheritedfrom my dad(not me of course,giggle,giggle)...

Anyway Im enjoying the break,been spinning,knitting madly to finish two pair of socks('cause I really need the needles to do another project,despite having ten or more sets of 2.5mm,Im waiting for Cheryl from Chezs Crafty World in Kalgoorlie Boulder to get some more stock in...)I really need to clear some projects to be ready to get the wool or yarn to make a scarf for the ISC6.

Ive been talking to Pals on both sides and nearly reveiled who I was when I got a little mixed up with who I was takling to!!

This is a shot though not very clear, of the last bit of spinning I ve done,angora wool plied with a strand of silk,after washing the wool plumped right up and I want to dye it a darker colour to makea wrap,there should be in excess of 600m, so enough for a nice dainty shawl.I tend to wear a lot of white shirts so any colour will do but for a winter one Im tossing between an autumn or a vibrant wintery purple or dark red , a mossy velvety green? probably varigated for interest!Im trying to steer clear of blue as its a colour Im always attracted to and would like something different,orshould I say should look for something different and not be so boringly predictable!!
This spinning result is by far the,I mean ,THE softest I have ever felt,its almost too nice to harden up with dye as I found some of my previous work has been,it would be cuddly against the skin so am really at a loss to decide on the final pattern!

Now Allittook put a video up of the sites around her spot and I know someone(cant find that person...Donyale ...or I Heart Knitting?) else put out a call for us to post a vid to highlight our voices etc,Well heres my current submission until something else comes up(maybe when my full uniform arrives, a spot of working the rake or mowing(AKA driving the mower),got to have a laugh...

Earlier this week I decided Fluffa was just getting too daggy,his tail alone was all his tail's but a ghost of what it was,a mere little stick with a bit of fluff adhered to it!!

Hope everyone is enjoying the long Easter break,these kids have until Tuesday when they are back to school for two weeks before the Autumn break! We;re off to Perth for S... to see some specalists in Behavioral Optometry and the Lions Hearing Centre also for other tests in another bid to help his progress in school,cruel for him,year 6 and he cannot read....the new Deputy has tracked down some further help with him too with a new programme called Click,where the student uses a computor to aid his learning path,lets hope this bloke gets it right!! We have a few things to do while there so I very much doubt I will be so lucky to even get to Spotlight....


  1. Good to hear your voice, honey (and Peter Cundall's in the background!). Cute bunny, too, even when it looks like a drowned rat!

  2. Oh, I am LOVING that video of Fluffa! Here's one of Kelli the Kelpi!

    That spinning looks awesome, I am in awe... Can't wait to see it dyed?

    Good Luck with the visit to
    Perth,hope lots of yarn comes home too!

  3. The video didn't work (my computer). Wow you have been spinning your heart out, you inspire me. I love rich dark colours. If you can't decide maybe you could do them all in the one shawl.They could make a beautiful combination. Do you have a pattern in mind for the shawl?

    Hope your good stretch lasts much longer than the last. Best wishes.

  4. Your spinning looks bloody gorgeous! I think the video idea might have come from 2paw??

    Well done to your boys for their achievements, both big and small.