Monday, March 31, 2008

OOOh A Parcel!! STR Spoiler

I was expecting this and had a peak at the Club Blog and knew what it would look like but in word.. DEVINE!!!!!!!!!..but then again they'll all be devine,LOL!

What do you think Rachael? I know Im thinking this pattern appeals 'cause there appears to be cables..I loove cables.."Lucky", appeals to the Irish in me!!(Havent had a good look yet just enough to squeal at the PO,but they're used to me now!!)

I have the yarn in the hand with a pattern worked out for the ISE 6 ,post apiccie when its abit bigger,so that will have to get a move on but if I can get a fair bit done, this gorgeous sock wool will be my reward!

The last Club Issue,Serendipity, which I forgot to post about,a beautiful colour but didnt call like "Lucky",I just fondled it....Kids were fascinated by the mini skein,LOL


  1. I am officially in love with your sock wool!!!!

  2. there's a parcel with your name on it just left my Post Office here in the US today. IES5 sorted! :-)

  3. Love, love, love it!!!! So squishy and lucious all at the same time! Cool pattern too! Thinking about stopping all other knitting.....

  4. Yummy scrummy! I want some! Maybe next year I will be able to afford the club when the Spunk is working full time. Until then I will just drool!

  5. How nice is that yarn. Bet you can't wait to start knitting it.