Friday, April 04, 2008

More Goodies

My New Toy!! These arrived late last week and have been put to good use already!!!

I managed, after stalking ebay for a while ,to find a seller with a few wool winders,my wait paid off and I was able to score a Jumbo winder and a Empisal 100g winder. So now I can wind off balls of different sizes! The best thing about these ones is that the cones are removable and easy to store which also means I wont have to worry about the yarn running off the edge and tangling in the cogs like it did with the other one I have(which is minus the wire stand off thanks to kids moving it).

Me so happy with new toy!!

On the other knitty news ,Im sailing with the ISE6 scarf,photos to follow when I can! AndIm getting there with a few UFOs!

We re off to Perth this week for a couple of days of tests for Son 4 hopefully he will be calm enough to allow the peoples to do their thing.We hope to do some site seeing trips off the usual raod to have alook around too...

A lack of communication from person in a certain position has lead us to have a rough week with Boyo,we thought he was just having a moody blue time but it appears they neglected to tell me a change in aide again,not good when the you're met with a situation of your son undoing seat belt and opening side door on van to jump while Im driving at 110kms on the highway.

Heres hoping they may have listened this time.The other boys were very shook up and Im trying hard not to think about it,only to ensure it dosent happen again.....


  1. Yay! Ya gotta love a jumbo wool winder - and that one is so cool, with all the whirly bits!

  2. What a nifty invention!!! Good luck in Perth, I hope all goes well..

    Jodie ;)

  3. OMG!! What a shock with your son. It amazes me how cavalier people in "authority" can be with other peoples kids. Hope all goes well with him.

  4. Bloody 'experts'. They can drive you nuts if you let them!!

    So jealous of your winder by the way!

  5. Hope Perth is a success and you are all getting over the shock of the incident.

    Pity things like this have to happen before people think of consequences.