Saturday, April 19, 2008

Another New Toy

Another new toy! It arrived about the same time as the last posts goodies but didnt have a chanceto try them until this arvo!! What fun it is to have the tools to do the yarn"chores" that come witha large stash.

This a small pile of the skeins and balls that I reballed ready to go for when the urge strikes!! The pale blue/green Lornas Laces from the gorgeous Yarnivorous who I was able to relieve from her vast stash at the time of packing for that momentous move to the US , along with the cobweb pink maroon and that jewel handdyed Patonyle if I remember correctly.These have been just too yummy to knit up but I feel I need to do something with them as Im running out of room,bought three 58 litre containers today,shhhhhh besides I need socks!The others are various 4 plys and the one on the left is the remains of a ball of 6ply sock wool from the Wool Shacks sale when they stopped stocking this one last year,cant remember the brand but I think I paid $16 a ball. Fast to knit up and it was my first go at a toe up,turned out great but wish Id written the pattern down... as there arent many 6ply sock patterns around especially toe up!


  1. Oh that looks good, that greenness and the new toy and the lovely wound balls!!!

  2. Oh what fun! Round and round. I think I want a swift for my birthday! Weee!

  3. Aren't swifts fun? It's just so cool to watch them zooming around.
    Try the Universal Toe-up Sock Formula from Knitty. It requires swatching (pardon my language), but I've made everything from baby socks in 3ply Merino Bambino to 12ply bedsocks for my long, skinny 8yo to 8ply monster socks for my hubby's thumping great clodhoppers, all with the same pattern.

  4. I love all of those balls of wool Cathy, they're gorgeous!!

    Jodie :)

  5. running a little late here - yes, I recognise some of that yarn! Plus in the later post there is a certain STR rare gem, isn't there? Looks like a pheasant :-)