Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sock wool

Well after showing the wee bit of balling up I did last weekend,thought Id show a portion,mind that ! A PORTION of the sock stash......No Im not feeling guilty..

More arrived in the mail a few days ago!!!

But Ive finised DH BFL Handspun and dyed socks,they fit and he declared his feet were very warm quickly,it was quite cold last night!! Gorgeous to spin and knit! Need some more.....
And I did a bit of spinning to finish off the 2nd installment of Mandies second Fibre Club,the Corredale,yummo,very easy spinning and the plying a dream.Im hoping to fit the remainder onto the Louets huge bobbin so I can wash and hopefully fluff itup a bit,what I do with it depends on the yardage ,mittens? for a friend and me!!! Im going to try to start the Optim Issue this arvo if we get home early enough!!!
Now we're off to scrounge through the bush for abit of firewood as Autumn has reallly made her presence known!!!!
PS We think we had a few wee visitors in the front yard Friday night as some important bits have gone astray....


  1. Its a funny thing, but I finished my spinning of the corredale this weekend too. But what to knit??

    And everyone knows, sock yarn does not count as stash.

  2. You shouldn't feel guilty, but I sure feel jealous! My stash is just not worthy.

    I am also in awe of your handspun socks. Gorgeous!

  3. Lovely socks and beautiful spinning!!!

  4. Lovely spinning and great socks!