Saturday, March 01, 2008

Long Time No Write

This last couple of weeks have been the lowest I had for a while.No interest in anything much,running on auto,making it through each day with no enthusiasm for much at all.I love to cook,knit and spin,have a laugh with friends, lately its been zero and zinch(accept for socks)had an invite to drinks Friday with some great Staff and Hubby was all ready to go but I just couldnt do it,I was in the Poo Bucket there for a while,hmm he got over it...maybe an intimate dinner out might perk him up later?!!

Days started at 4.45am, after checking the clock every hour through the night,average of 4 hours sleep,broken at that,

At work at 5am

Back home at 6am to pick up Son No 1 to run him into Kal for Tafe block, a round trip of 120ks, 8 days of this,dont think of fuel at $1.48/L.....and lunch money for him as he spent his wage on a new bike, Question!!!!! How On Earth can someone eat $50 in 2 DAYS....

Back at work at 730am to work through til 2.30 (3pm on a couple of days) and hopefully cover the time I was away off site,

Deal with crapola at work (friends understand this part) and other unmentionable stuff,I work with some fantastic staff,a chat here and there can make a day so much more uplifting!

Back home to deal with tired cranky kids whinging about homework and one going through issues as Autistics do,try to remember where everyones clothes are at that particular point,make sure all is ready for the next day(no time in that 15 min space when in Zombie mode) get some nutritous if not always appealing tucker on the table....sorry anywhere there happens to be a chair as I havent cleared the junk off the table as no amount of yelling will get anyone to shift their own!

The dog and the Rabbit are moulting too, so its like a snow storm in parts of the house(isnt it funny how you never notice it until a visitor arrives? like spider webs)

The one thing I make sure happens to hold it together,always make the time to have a that first Cuppa in the morn and just before bed,an enforced relax time that has made it all possible to come out the end a wee bit sane?

But in addition to all that is a good friend and a good friend who can quick as, send over the one item Ive been waiting for so probably 20 years,oops that makes me sound old,make it 15! In a moment of revelation, emailed through a request and its here and already been put to work!!!

A hugest thankyou to Mandy over at Ewe Give Me The Knits as a wonderful Ashford Agent,was able to make little dream come true!!! I havent even taken a picture yet so this Ashford site one will have to suffice! And of course for the chats,thankyou Mandy,imagine a big bunch of flowers!!!!

Ive been carding a little bit each time Ive managed to get it out and now have enough to finish a bobbin of angora wool which I want to ply with some silk thread and dye! I had a gorgeous skein of pure angora wool that I gifted in a Spin to Knit swap last year? and really miss it and hope to emulate the colours I used.Really its the colours I love,and often the skein exists to fondle and show off only,I couldnt bear to knit it up,LOL!

Im so happy with the carder however as it used to take ages to fluff up the fibre to spin and that took all the fun out of spinning but now the bags of wool filler,tangles masses of alpaca laps,little roving ropes of compacted angora wool,bunny fluff that has to be carded to be able to spin as its too short in fibre length,badly mixed alpaca wool,cut off the mill carder by the looks all are now spinable!Ive been slack with photos but hope this week to update!

Speaking of which I really need to update Ravelry too,much more stash enhancing going on and no records!!!

On the work front,Ive been elected OHS Rep,the duties of which Im lucky to fall back on Hubby for info as hes been there, done that, sort of thing. I hope to take this further and do additional courses over the next two years so I can move onto a job that will get me out of the sun.The area is of an interst to me especially after doing a unit of Law Of Tort years ago and did very well with 97% if I recall. The only disappointment is that the training is at this stage done in Kal and is so because I was told it would be Perth one and I was sort of looking forward to a plane ride,I love flying,but theres a question over through who,Union or Department,not many seem to know what goes.Its fortunate I have some info to start with and also a friend who was a rep years ago and did all the courses.Unfortunately I have a feeling it may not earn or keep friends in the work area,I wont go on, a bit of a sensitive area! I have checked the employment bit on the net and there some great jobs that I could go into later with an average of 45k income with training. Only have to be in the right spot at the right time!!!!

I dragged Hubby down to work yestarday and this morning to help me put up the new weather station for a teacher who has project for the class to send in the weather results to GWN for Kambalda next week,first time too I think,wouldnt have been able to do it without Hubby either,though he did get a bit toofy while painting lines for the canteen yesty,hes just too much of a perfectionist,pity he didnt think of the house like that,there might be some more progress there,LOL It was in all a bit of Mum and Dad Time or should I say C and B time?

Oh to add something of interest for family that may check in! Me and my Boys(Hubby as well) Im getting shorter......

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  1. Anonymous3:55 AM

    Hey!! There you all are :-)
    Those boys are growing like weeds - quit feeding them ;-p
    Talk soon k?
    p.s. Thrilled that you're happy with the carder - great fun huh??