Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A day off

Ive taken today off after in a frenzy of running around,I managed to pick up a pair of kitchen tongs that appareantly were red hot and of course dinner wasnt the only thing cooked last night! If I had gone to work I have no doubt I would have lost a fair portion of skin off that hand which happens to be my right! Its amazing how important your dominant hand is,all those little things you cant do with the other hand!
Pain wise it was pretty awful,but heaps of ice water and jamming the injured part into the frosty ice in the freezer(boy Im glad I didnt clean it out onthe weekend)when the pain was unbearable Hubby being an experienced well trained Mine Rescuer was the best help and did the first aid bit and bandaged it up with wrapping soaked with a mixture (emulsion) of a bright green blue antiseptic/teatree that was the bestest thing out,I had at least a third of the fingers and palm lifting in blister,but by this morning it was just shiny and couple of small bubbles,with a tight skin feel! I took a couple of ibrofufen when the pain was beginning to cut in,Yes Im a wuss,but surprisingly the mix Hubby put together was the best relief,I sleep very well!
It was funny in a way ,as the first person I enlisted to help(Hubby was hidden away on the computor) was my Second oldest son,14, and I had to patiently instruct him where to find the bowl and ice to put my hand in ( I was running cold tap over my hand, not game to leave that) He seemed very slow,but he was perfect in getting everything together,love my boys....
So all my knitting projects are on hold as is the spinning,hmm just as I was getting heaps done too! grrrr!!!
Back with photos later..not of grusome hand but projects!!!!


  1. Anonymous5:05 PM

    I hope your hand heals quickly honey - take care of you :-)

  2. oh Cathie, you poor thing, hard to find whats worse, the blisters or the no spinning time.... seriously though, what a terriblee accident, sending you good healing vibes okay?