Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Some evidence!

Here's the knitting/spinning photos as promised
BFL,handdyed with Alpine,wasnt the effect I was after but very
pretty all the same,its plumped up as this fibre does so although I was spinning very fine,its filled out to an 8ply...nice warm soccies for moi! Huby is delighted with the ones I finised for him,declared the fibre as very warm!These are my dear friends socks in an Opal Silk,bought the brown blue version for me,P loves purple so these were just right!

The other is Jet,a nearly finished Beanie for Sam,about half an hour there then I can sew both of them up and bingo warm ears,not that we need them yet,very warm for this time of the year ,wish it would rain,might save the lawns at school!
And of course the spinning,once I had finished the BFL I had to try something else,very convenient as it sits neatly on the vast kitchen ench so I can do nearly a bobbin a night while cooking and keeping the homework going(Son 5 had a bast of a teacher,big trouble coming there,Hubbys involved now,oops)

Now I have a few bags of my carded bits to play with but the Roberta isvery fast and for soft fluffy fibre can be a bit tricky and would prefer the Louets or Traddie,but really as long as Im working through the huge stash of fibre I have hidden in every nook and cranny!Oh and yes I was ale toglue the big bobin back together,not a straight but it works!
A close up of this blue/white,its alpaca,mohair amd merino tops that I ought from the lovely Yarnivorous when she was destashing before embarkingon that trip and move to the States! After spinning this bobbin I thing I may have gotten a better result had

I carded and blended it all but I do like the texture changes as the alpaca/mohair or the white is devinely soft but the bluemerino is a quite strong,the colours should interesting when plied.

I read the last Spinoff and am very interested in trying Cabling,looks very good but I doubt I have the patience to spin the third bobbin to try it maybe when I get a bit more stash fibre through the wheel?


  1. Wish I could spin as good as you Cathie! The BLF looks lovely!

  2. You have inspired me to do some spinning this holidays. I have lots of fibre (well not heaps but enough!) and need to get better dammit.

    What's going on with your son's teacher? Need advice??

  3. Colleen11:49 AM

    Hi, Cathie! Thank you so much for the wonderful package I got in the mail today! The scarf is SO lovely - just a perfect weight for summer coming on here and the color's gorgeous. I love the amethyst, I have some of that Cleckheaton in a gray so that with the red you sent me will make for some wonderful mittens, I think. I LOVE the magazine too.

    Oh, and the TimTams???? Heavenly!

    Thank you thank you thank you. You rock!