Friday, May 30, 2008

Another Parcel,STR Spoiler Alert

I actually got two and collected them on the way to an important meeting in Kal aout Sam so had to wait til we got home,the first was some beautiful English Leicester/corredale fleece from a lovelylady in SA,realllly,reallllly need more later..

The second was this!!! Socks That Rock !!!!!Im putting it way done in case others havent recieved theirs yet! I was a little stunned as this a colour I seem to gravitate to,Ive really loved each and everyone of these yarns as they've arrived and no doubt Ill say the same for the rest of this years issues,Im going to make sure I can do next years as well,they are simply breathtaking!!!!This one is the Incredible ShrinkingViolet in Light weight merino! Yum,pattern looks great too,I have too much going at the moment so wont be starting for a while,LOL thats probably what I said for the last lots too!!!! But really it will be hardto wind them into balls,they look so neat as they are!!!
Any way Im off to catch up,we had to take Tilly into the vets this morning as shes really suffering from grass allergies and a $100 later plus fuel,dontforget ,I may have to make up a shirt for her!! Very nearly had a wasted trip too,they had ceased seeing patients due to an emergency but as we had travelled 6o odd ks they took pity on Tilly, she was not impressed and nearly took the door with her, leaving the surgery!!!
Ta Ta's

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  1. Oh my goodness, that is the best STR colour I have seen! Just my colours! Jealous!!