Sunday, June 01, 2008

Its the last day!

For the Foundation Day holiday for WA and what did I do,not a sleep in or anything wool like,no I had a leisurely cup and then Brecky at 5.30am and wandered off to school to do some annoying little jobs I cant do when the kids are there,like spray for bugs,poision the lawns beetles out,and then a few enjoyable things as I was all alone,it was so quiet,wonderful,all ready to go home at 10.30 and lo and behold,the local Electrician saw my car nad pulled in to do a couple of jobs too.... got home at 12pm....

This going around a few blogs so thought it would be interesting to have a go...

1) What was I doing ten years ago? I was just getting over finding out no 5 was on the way(and Hubby was in the dog house)we were living in a run down disgusting house in Cobar and Hubby were looking for another job,things were not looking rosy,I was earning a few dollars sewing for a small clientele of ladies,YUK, rude and difficult....

2) What are five (non-work) things on my to do list for today? Whipper snip my disgusting back yard,water MY half of the vegie garden(Hubby has graciously let me have back,)have broccoli,colour chard and lettuce so far, Card the rest of a 99c lot of brown caramel Alpaca fleece I bought ,the white can wait....

3) Snacks I enjoy? Cheese cake,soup,greek salad,hmmm... home made raspberry muffins,hummingbird cake with loads of cream cheese topping...

4) Things I would do if I were a billionaire? BUY ME A FARM,a flat for my boys to use while at Uni,and the usual pay off all the bills and import some woollies for the Farm,dont know how to have a holiday anyway,LOL

5) Places I have lived? Louth,grew up there or near there,Dubbo when I first left home(out the back door,quiet like) Jerilderie,on a Merino Stud, Longreach, on "Hartree" Stn, Cobar,mining industry, where rest of boys were born,then Kambalda,WA, best move we ever made!!

6) Jobs I have had? Hmm,jillaroo,SAHM,best job, and now Level 5 Senior Gardener .....

7) Peeps I want to know more about? No Idea,I dont follow celebritty stuff but would love to go see Yarn Harlots speeches one day ,only a dream of course!!!!

Below is that blue and white I was spinning,its turned out very well and varies from a 7 to 10 ply but reasonablysoft,very happy with it and I hope to knit a newsboy cap with it,even if it doesnt suit me,LOL


  1. Georgeous colour, yeah go ahead I'm sure the cap will look great. Mandie e-mailed me re the part for the Louet. She is so helpful.

  2. Interesting responses!! I might have to do this one.

    And lovely spinning too.

    I am still thinking about my response to your email ... won't be long.

  3. Great 'get to know you' post Cathy!!!! I love hearing about peoples lives... Isn't it funny that we most probably crossed paths those 10 years ago when you lived in Cobar and never knew it..

    Take Care
    Jodie :)