Saturday, June 28, 2008

Well Im back with some piccies...
First up,the kitchen ready to be grouted probably 2day and 2morrow,dont think we have enough grout...
Started on the bath yesty and wore the skin off the pad of one finger and damaged another,all bandaged up last night,wanted to knit some of the Ravelry swap item,big secret but have had some oos and arrs over it here and lots of envious looks,LOL
Next some spinning Id done over the last month....
Theres the blue white alpaca,merino mohair...originally from Yarnivorous Stash, shes having a ball in the US among the stuff we can only dream about here,yarn wise of course,I think we have the Bestest wool!!!!
Now this is the alpacca straight from the Paccies back,one lot I paid 99c on ebay as I only wanted to try it first,a bit coarse and the fleece was quite dirty and I threw outabout a third of it,a lot of short cuts,a guard hair..this is destined for a pair of gloves,found a "recipie " last night on Ravely around 11.30,naughty but nice a quiet..this turned out around an 8 ply at a guess!
The next is the black corri/merino from my lovely Aunt,the first ball had been sitting on the wheel for months as I headed off in yet another direction,anyhoo Its been navajo plied(I needed the wheel free and it was very finely spun) and I quickly did up a second as I did get excited about how it turned out,but the second was alittle tooo quick,its a smiggin thicker but I done care I love it anyway! Imhoping tokeep picking away to make avest out of it as I only nee to do 6 or 7 more balls like this a couple of weeks work but I aint making commitment,I spin when the love there(remember the washable laps I was spinning last winter,I need one more ball,the others sitting in the stash box glaring at me and as I want to dye them I have to finish that ball first ...I really could have used a vest heaps....)
Next is the current spinning,I did this over two nights,and is guilty of me being slack with finishing the gouting the bath,had to comb while the sun was warm didnt I!? Its by memory, corredale,English Leicester,a caramel pale grey type,called socks Im thinking,one more bobbin should do,though I may be short changing there in expectations as theres roughly 90 to 100 meters per navajo ball on the Ashford! (I forgot how much spinning I can get done on this lovely old wheel) Need 4 for a decent pair of thick sockies... This wool is quite tweedy,some bits of dark staple appeared and Im curious how it turns out,all will be plied and washed this arvo!!!! I got this from another brilliant Ebayer who Im hoping will put up more of this wool later,she also sells her own wool commercially made into yarn,I have a stash of white corrie put away for a jumper and I had intitually contacted her for more of that and end up getting this wool instead...lovely lady to deal with and is a Fibre Trends dealer as well!
Lastly I just had to put this back up(I think Ive showed this bfore) the gorgeously soft BFL,handdyed and spun on the Roberta,just look at the lusterous squishyness of it,I really want to knit this but cant bear to undo the perfect ball!!!
Cant help but put another up....sorry but I just love this ball,actually I reballed it a couple of times to get it just right,ok Im nuts but Im back into the spinning mojo and knitting of course,and must try to squeeze some patch work in too, after a rather long period of non interest mainly from work crap but as I said before I aint going there,this is for good thoughts and yummy fibres ...
Speaking of which I was naughty and bought out Mandies mohair supply and got wee bit of Gotland to try,any chance of Gotland lamb soon, Mandie?
I just love getting parcels in the mail,the sight of the little red card in the box is better than Chrissy!!!!!
Im off to finish the bath!

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  1. Wow you have been busy! I wish I had more time to spin, but I am all about the knitting at the moment. Plying drives me nuts, I just can't get it. Pity you aren't a bit closer - you could help me out!