Friday, July 11, 2008

A Perfect Winter day

I was born early this morning to my poor unsuspecting Mum some years ago,lol,not telling how Im sitting here writing this post listening to Gabriella Cilmi s Sweet About Me,drinking a nice cup of Cammomile and spearmint while I wait for a dear friend to come around so I can show her the latest off the wheel and how navajo plying works!

Meanwhile Hubby is nicely giving the Rodent a run in the back yard,its sunny with a brisk little wintery wind, just a lovely day.

The kitchen is clean,Paddy is baking me a devils food cake too, I love hiscooking for as a12 or should I say 13 year old,hes a great cook!

Hubby and I are off to one of his friends Bday do tonight so its going to be a fab time too,probably a bit cold...being a pool party an' all....

I put in a request for a pressie from Hubby and boys but they have other ideas but to give a hint of my secret item that is on the list very excited about this,Hubbys calling it my second teenagerhood, hmm dont know about that as hes as bad (if you can call it bad,LOL) One of his mates is riding a recent Triumph model up from Perth,one of 8 imports, Im hoping for a demo.....

Despite this I went to the LWS and stocked up for the upcoming Hat Wars!(re Ravelry) and as she was having a 30% discount on ALL stock,(this I didn't know til leaving) I grabbed some 8ply Panda and Heirloom wool in buttery yellow and pale pink for more socks,rather like thick socks in my uggies after work!!
Have request for bedsocks from No 1 girlfrindso willbe starting them today sometime!! Anyhoo,I also picked up another pattern book from Cleckheaton Studio Mohair and I' ve fallen for a lovely pattern in there(actually a couple but this looks very nice) so might give her a call to see when the sale ends so I can get the Mohair... pink ,mint,chocolate? cant make mind up!!!Tried to do a search of book but must e out of print,Ill photo it and add later,its a lovely book with enough basic stuff but witha modernedge!!
Im still spinning heaps,had 500g lot of fawny corriedale/english leicester of which Im just finishing last ball,navajoed and so far gained 5 balls,must have had some waste as I thought Id get 6 or 7 balls of around 8ply with an 96 average metres per ball.Its washed up a treat and is a very silvery tone with a wee bit of darker bits here and there.
I was game and got the fluffy bits out and washed them and carded for the last bobbin,very pleased with result as I would normally throw it out. Also washed a handfull of romney/finn and carded as well,waiting to spin it to see how it goes, have an order for a fleece with a higher finn content. Don't think I could wash too much fleece,might be a bit heavy on the gas/water bill,nice to play with a bit though!!
Will try to get somepiccies tommorrow,too windy and lights not good at moment!

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