Saturday, July 12, 2008

Abit More

Im back with a couple of piccies...Fluffa likes a sock rub....

OOh dont look at my messy floor...
But not keen on being scruffed

The vegie garden,the bit I claimed back from Hubby,theres coloured chard,miniture Broccoli, rhubarb and lettuce and as soon as its starts to warm up,bush beans will appear!
And the best bit of all,my second lot of washed Romney/finn fleece washed and drying in the warm sun,I carded up the first lot but want to finish what I have going on the Traddy first,waiting on a reply from suppler for another kilo,if I can have it Ill clean up wheel and spinn the R/F while waiting, for it to arrive!! Hmm have a bit of Corrie Moorit waiting,better get it done first as I can comb it out during my lunch break and spin at night,that sounds like a feasible plan,

Ive started on the Girlfriends socks and they ll sail, 8ply standard stocking st ones mindless and fast!! Practise for the Death by Hat! Ill add a piccies for record when a bit further down track!


  1. Happy Birthday for last Friday

  2. Cute rabbit!!! The vegie patch is coming along great and that fleece looks lovely and soft..

    Jodie :)

  3. That is one cute bunny!

    Like the look of your veggie garden - I could use your expertise with mine...

  4. Hi Cathie

    I love Inca, I think it comes up quite soft after knitting especially with the ribs I did my Dad's Jumper & the last scarf-thick & quishy. I did catch my Daughter's godfather putting scarf his scarf up to his face to feel it, like you do when something's soft, so I suppose that's a good sign.