Sunday, March 16, 2014

Beautiful Sunday

This weekend was supposed to be a long one for me,the Friday was my RDO but a phone call from the Department certainly ruined any chance that I would enjoy it or even settle for study,you see after participating in the interview panel I was told by my boss that I would most likely have to provide feedback for the applicants,I think she meant only the unsuccessful ones,anyhow she said they wouldn't give my number out,she would call me herself and give the number to ring as long as it was on that same day, no information forthcoming I presumed no feedback needed ,but ,,,,Friday morning at 8.30, I got one from the employment division asking why I hadnt given any,well bugger me.I went down to work and had an impromptu meeting with boss who reveiled that the Principal himself had given them the information after a complaint,so much for privacy.It was bad enough on investigation to find out that the wife (who complained on behalf of the complainant) also had my email information as well.I refused to be his referee , his application was fabricated and the other referees were undesirable characters.his performance had been dismal and his attitude horrible, I wont go on but this last week I have run myself into the ground trying to keep up with the extra work,Im taking Brufen every morning and sometimes twice to keep the pain in my arms at bay,plus had to run one son to catch the mine bus at 4am (120km round trip,then pick him up at 6.45pm,another 120ks) then Friday I had a third trip on one day to pick another son up from his school function, 360 kms all up,during which I nearly had a front on collision with an idiot driving without lights at late dusk,I was over taking another suspiciously eratic driver so I was in the wrong had an accident happened. Im still recovering from the stress and exhaustion and the last three days were supposed to be my study days.
Anyway this is one of my efforts Friday,still working on outline,I printed off a texture work from a previous unit and draw over that as the tutor had reminded us that we should use texture backgrounds at all times where we can,my VD is cluttered with whole pages of exercises and fun attempts of finding the just right arrangement

Below,my gorgeous oldest and youngest,the older boys are protective especially the oldest and they alwasy come to see him when he off to a special event like this year ten social.I must say the dress allowed for the girls left a lot to be desired however,super short dresses with equally high wedge heels,they tottered everywhere from what i saw at pick up time.We parents werent allowed by instruction to hang around but a cople of mothers managed to squeeze their way in to take pics,they know my son and I was disappointed they didnt think to grab at least one of him with class year i ll do things differently.No Im not whinging lol but when I prowled the Facebook pics to see if they had captured my Benjie in amongst the crowd I was a little hurt, fortunately he didnt give a toss so thats all that matters

Yes Im the little one now
Ok its silhouette time,if I can a couple done now Ill be ahead this week,tomorrow I have to tame my garden a little,the house will remain yuck til next weekend
Lets see what I can do with this


  1. Just blogging around and found your blog. Every blog I visit is like meeting someone new. Thanks for letting me visit.

  2. Your Principal needs a lesson in privacy. The bozo applicant should have discussed with you prior to putting you down as a referee. You have a right to refuse and hopefully giving your email out won't fill your inbox with negativity. Good luck with finding time for study. I feel for you and the fuel bill with all that running around. What a mother won't do for her children. Online learning is harder than it sounds. No-one mentions juggling life with those assignments.