Friday, March 07, 2014

Drawing and such work

Im trying bravely to settle down to work in new unit,Ive done the gaze training
just drawing between the dots but over the hour worth i did did I pay for it next day with aching arms and stiff joints
Its quite fun really and the more I layered one piece the more appealing the result,i may do something for an actual work like this in neutrals
The latest Big Pink is flowering well but its foilage is not so healthy,the Big red was fed a sprinkle of NPK blue a couple weeks and and went boom in growth,I was thinking itd put everything into green but its leveled off into a gorgeous bunch of flowers sprouting all over
Im going to Bunnings again next week and aim on picking up Mums Favourite in White, like this one but in white,it looks pretty close to the Big series
heres the pink this morning,very vibrant
Posted off the load of prints,hope they get there in time,Im looking forward to seeing what others have done

I did a couple extra and my treat this weekend will be playing further with them after I get a bit of work done on current unit
Its quite hot today and a real shock,39 degrees....
Edited to add,I want to try this..
Looks divine


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  2. I am quite interested in your studies as I am supposed to create an online drawing unit for our TAFE. I am struggling with developing the content and just how to instruct someone from afar. How often do you hook up with the you interpret the instructions and just go for it? I am so used to the traditional learning/ teaching situation of demonstration, instruction, and practice that this remote concept is doing my head in. Your prints are great and for a student working in isolation you are doing a great job!

  3. We have a unit guide which gives us the exercises and examples etc and an outline,this has a calender of due dates,contacts and instructions,info on how to present whats expected and rule re plagarism.Mines through Curtin so theres a Black Board where we talk as a group and ask anything of tutor. In that page there are links for examples of previous students and places suggested for research. I did all my schooling by correspondence school so distance learning is normal for me. PS we are told how often we are expecte to contribute BB and the teacher is availbale through email mostly but I think theres a direct phone as well

  4. I love your join the dots and the action picture at the top. 39?? You poor thing. I hope it is cooler soon. Good luck with the prints, they look great.