Thursday, July 05, 2007

Home again!

I still have the rest of this week before going back to work and althogh I havent done much in the way of fibre fun, its been nice to have some time to do things a bit slower!

We flew into Sydney just after lunch and spent 3 1/2 hrs waiting for the connecting flight to Dubbo and finally arrived there at 8.30pm after a 50min flight.I was auto pilot and simply marched up to Budget Cars and gained the keys while Hew waited on baggage to come out.I got the opinion that the man behind the counter looked a bit scared,LOL but the little Nissan Xtrail wa ours quickly and we were on our way to Nannas.

Dubbo has changed abit since our last visit 4 years ago with more trees and islands and definitely more houses!!!!

We travelled out to Cobar and onto Louth to Dunlop after battling roos,wild goats and Angus cattle on the very rough dirt road sometimes only going at 35km with the potholes and bad lights on the Xtrail.It was dark and hard to see but made it there by 7pm. It was great to see Mum and Dad and we sat up quite late to talk and catch up!!!
Some Baas Baas wandering past the house,super fines that I hope to try at having processed later.... at least it looks green for the time being and the sheep were in good order

The next day we walked(Mum Hew and I) to the weir to check out the water levels... note this is the remains of water released up near St George to flush the Darling and it has blarely made it to this weir below louthe and is only trickling over.The people at Wilcannia are now complaining that they havent seen this water yet and I seriously doubt they will....The photos are of the weir itself and below!

This is me on the first bike Dad bought me over 20 years ago and its back in working order, with I might add, a new front tire as Dad is trying to get Mum to ride it so she can give him a hand chasing goats.......

We walked a fair bit over Dunlop and boy was it cold!!!! The possum jumper got a real work out as did the scarf that I took as a second thought!!!!!

With heart break we left on Saturday morn to arrive back in Dubbo at 2pm (we spent a short hour with SIL at Cobar) where we had lunch and returned to Nannas house to finally get a long hot,hot shower(Mum 'n Dad have generator power with a old hot water system so baths were cool.......)

The little Xtrail was superb and I hated giving it back as my own Tarago is in need of hubbys TLC...

On Sunday we went to my Auntys for a chat and boy that was fun,she and my Cousin are right into fibre in a big way and I came away with a Kilo of lovely soft yarn from there own sheep that had been put through a Mill in Kyneton Victoria I think,anyone know of amill there who will do small lots? Photos later....
On top of this they tried unsuccessfully to offer a gorgeous Black Fleece and really I didnt know which one was the nicest as K also had one there,they were seriously scumpious and it was hard to say no. My eyes must have lit up at the sight of them... hope I didnt embarress myself but I havent seen a fresh fleece for years and these were just gorgeous...anyhow Ive since been onto my Aunty J and shes going to send it over and Im sending in return a bundle of BFL for her to try as neither knew much about it!!! Im so excited!!!
On top of this Mandie at EGMTKs has that Buffalo in and waiting.... I can see this month being a beaut one.....
We flew home on Monday which is a shame as we could have gone Tuesday and managed a trip out to Cousin B to have a gander at his farm that he has made a success of... hes in this weeks Land paper too, holding a bucket which I took as being protection from the red bulls wrath for removing him from his girlfriends....... visit next time for sure!
The kitchen is nearly finished but I havent managed to get everything in the right place but the space is just lovely!!!!
On the trip I managed to finish apair of Patonyle socks that went to a surprised Mum and scarf that I made up in Sensation, merino angora wool from naturally, I wore it home...
In Dubbo I made it to the only Wool shop I know of and bought 4 balls of the new Tapestry in blues for thick socks and 2 balls of white Patonlye as my own LWS hasnt been able to get yet,not sure whether to dye them or just knit some nice whiet ones, Embossed Leaves pattern,perhaps?
There were not one but 2 shops that apparently stock sewing and wool items in Cobar but I didnt have time to assess them,I had intended to visit just to say I bought these balls from XYZ,part of my holiday foolishness,HeHeHe
Now its back to work on Monday and the additional chore of getting my resume ready to apply for my current position next month..........
I shall make an additional entry for "Dunlop" for I took heaps of photos and for history need a special space and also the scarf I knitted while there......on top of these i will have a bit more in photo content later,Auntys wool etc......
The trip was fun including the scary landing in Perth due to high winds tossing the Jumbo 747 around,we had to hang on for a moment but Hew was delighted and I think our enthusiasm helped a couple of other kids coming back to Kal on the same flight with us as well, cant wait to go home again.....


  1. Anonymous5:54 AM

    Glad that you and Hew had a lovely time over this side of the country...but happy that you're home cos I missed you!!
    The pics of Dunlop look great, seems to be a bit of a green pick around - look forward to seeing more pics when you get a chance :-)
    There's a few small mills around these parts that may have done your Aunties yarn - yell out if you want details and I'll email them through.

  2. ds like you had a wonderful time. Saying goodbye again is always heartbreaking isn't it? I know how I feel when I go to visit my daughter and her family (currently in Perth, but off to Townsville next year).