Sunday, July 29, 2007

A lovely Sunday

Tis a lovely Sunday in the 20' mark with little wind and the promise of frost tonight as the clouds are gone after a nice drop on Friday night.It was nice to lay in Bed and listen to the rain on the roof and know I didnt have to get up at 430 am!
Ive done some dyeing,no pictures yet,they are still drying and Im sort of pleased but have to get those other colours in the hand to open up the possibilities.Ive actually mixed one lot to get a lovely teal green!
On the knitting front Ive finished the first of some slipper socks using a pattern kindly given to me by my Aunty,Ive gone on to dye some heavy homespun merino to make a second pair as I feel I need to fudge the pattern abit!I bought a sheep skin to use on the soles if I hadnt mentioned before!
The Mohair cardie is coming along well,a sleeve to go and Im biting at the bit to start another CPH,and more socks as I need to have a pair done for a gift in September and I know if I start now theres a chance they ll be done by then(being sidetracked and all)
The Spinning is stalling but I may hit it later this evening though I been feeling plum tired and drained!
The resume hasnt even been opened,it could show My confidence that it (also) just needs fudging but after a yarn(hee hee hee ) with a staff member Im given an opinion that I should be able to apply now as its been put out in the Dep first before its advertised locally when Im apparently allowed to apply ! It has also been suggested that I seek further advice as well! Anyone else been in this position? Wondering if Im being discriminated against!
Ill be back with some pictures!!


  1. Thank you for your nice comments on my blog. So you are into dyeing now - that's exciting!

  2. I would have thought that they would advertise "in house" first. That is the normal way, give their own staff the chance to fill the "higher or better" positions, then advertise for what is left.