Thursday, July 12, 2007

My Big Day

Well it is to me!

I ve a reasonable day,got to go to town and spend an ammount on flowers for the school as we gardeners have heard that our school has been attracting attention for its presentation etc and we're going to keep it up and get a spring petunia display going!!!

Secondly I made into the LWS to get some more supplies including some white and some gold embroidery thread to ply with the wool I have sitting there in the hidden recesses of the huge kitchen Ive found myself in!!!Hidden so Hubby wont see them too often....

Lastly i think the new knitting book I also picked may be the one for that lovely grey natural wool that Aunty J gave me!! A mans pattern, but Ill change a few things to 'feminate' it!!! This picure has a round neck but imagine a v neck thats rolled not ribbed and that may be used on the wrist and hem as well.....

My big day,
Have some of my fav flowers up there !!!(want to grow some.....)
Its my annual big day for which I was treated to morning tea and cake by the staff working during the holiday break, a worthy voucher to the best jewellers in Kal and my friend sneaked a lovely set of gold earrings in as well, And to cap it off Hubby and I may go out to dinner, all dressed up swishy at the best Italian Restraurant!!!! Love the food there.....tommorrow night as Im bushed......

On the knitting front Ive finished the back and made a good start on the left front of Studio Mohair jacket!

Nearly to the heel of H 2nd sock in handspun BFL,

and Spinning, could finish the 3rd bobbin after plying the first spinning and gaining about 200 metres in that I calculate i have to do at least 8 bobbins all up for around 800m to dye and knit that vest Im hoping to do.Hopefully thers enough of the laps to do this but Mandie has abit to save the day !!! Thanks Mandie!!!!


  1. Just beautiful and it looks like you have your work cut out for you!

  2. Hi Cathie,
    Thanks for popping by and checking out my blog!! It really is a small world isn't it?
    I love the pic of the flowers. Are they paper daisy's?
    I've just started spinning so it's all really new to me but I can't wait to see what you do with that embroidery thread that you purchased.
    Sounds like you like to keep yourself busy. I think that knitting, spinning and all things crafty are a bit addictive myself... Keep up the great work.