Friday, July 06, 2007


Two days left of my leave,Waaaaaaa...................

Anyhow I decided to get cracking on some spinning,this a lot of machine washable laps that Yarnivorous had in her de stashing list,its gorgeously silky, soft though in pieces is fairly easy to spin. I aim to finish this lot and hopefully have enough to knit a vest though i may have to look for some more to finish off,a normal vest will need around 800m to 850, and Im trying to get the first bobbins done to measure what Im spinning so to order any extra,I think Mandie may have some?

On the knitting front,the success of the jumpers made or should I say finished in time for the Big trip,Ive started another that would have been just as nice, done in Studio Mohair and the same colour as in the Book and best of all scored as a sale from Kmart... worst part is the unending K1P1 rib.....maybe finished next winter?

And at last the photos of the lovely home grown merino given by Aunty J,it so soft and Ican feel some lanolin in it so it should be fun to knit.Just as well it was squishy Hew had to help get the bag closed,ha ha ha ...A huge thankyou AJ!!!!
Some of this lot has been solar dyed and it cam up a treat! Im thinking of a jacket/ cardie style knit in cables if only a few to make it interesting(still liking cables...) and maybe spinning some extra up for an additional colour or if enough of theis grey I can overdye it! Half is balled up so before doing 2nd I will calculate the length and work on that. The skein holder is not quite big enough to easily roll with the ball winder so tis makes a time consuming job but fun all the same! Still thinking of that black fleece...maybe I should wait and combine it with this... I saw some fleece on the net I wouldnt mind trying either,Finn X Border Leciester,long staple and lovely crimp! Anyone tried this cross?
Im dreaming again of Mandies very pretty Merino on Acid......


  1. Anonymous8:28 PM

    Yep, I have some of the machine washable laps here - yell if you need more and I'll dig them out for you :-)
    The home grown yarn is gorgeous - can't wait to see what you do with it!
    The Merino on Acid was very popular - will have to do some more :-)
    Enjoy your last few days off - talk soon.

  2. Nice spinning! How amazing we were only 2 days away from meeting at an airport. I caught up on your holiday, sounds really nice. I have relatives out from Dubbo at Albert, they have a sheep farm, my parents visit out there a couple of times a year and help dad's cousin on the farm, not that my parents are farmers but they have been enjoying going out there and helping out when the shearings and other things are on.