Thursday, August 02, 2007

Well its been a while but I just cant get over this fatigue bit...

Ive done abit of dying with the English Leicester but not all of it,I have a delicious box of colours waiting at Mandies so wanted to keep a bit to play with,LOL

In the meantime Im nearly finished the Studio Mohair so I can start this!!!! Hmmm,Buffalo fluff from Mandies wonderful EGMTKS....

Not sure yet what to make,despite all the patterns perused And I still have to determine exactly the meterage....etc.....but it looks like Choccy that much I know....

The Geraldton wax is now starting to show colour so thought I would put up a piccy just for the sake of it(and one of Son No 1 heading off to try out his new bars, hes in training to take part in the Perth Royal Show BMX Demo with his trick pals,which reminds me, book accomodation,wonder if they'll have a pavillion for all the things like knitting goodies....)

ON that resume , Ive had a look, and I need only to update details and add a couple of SAOs which I ve sort worked out but need to make more professional sounding of course!

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  1. Hi Cathie, hope your fatigue goes away soon. Chronic fatigue, which I think is possible what you are suffering from, can be such a debilitating illness, so just take it easy when you need to, and don't feel guilty.