Friday, August 24, 2007

Busy Busy Busy

Ok! its been along week of long days and long nights,Hubbys been and still is sick with a nasty virus,but not flu thanks heavens otherwise I would have moved out for a while,LOL

Anyway hes been busy setting up the cement works for this weekend as he teed up friends to come around to help! Might I add at this time that a lot of the junk that invariably made into that area needing to be cleaned out were not fibre goodies though a few dye pots were lucky to run for their lives!!!!

I recieved a couple of very important parcels this week! Mandie from Heaven sent over the lastest batch of dyed goodies from her workshop and also the lastest WildFibre Mags in stock,Ive just managed to get through them (those Muskox are gorgeous little fellas) and have fluffed Lotus Blossom ready for the wheel,though I ve run out of space there as Ive also started the glorious fleece that AJ sent! Looking a Finn fleece now......Hopefully Vicky will be cleared tommorrow as Im hoping two friends are coming up to play!!!

My friend Pam has a Ashford Traditional that broke its conrod joint but i managed to find a temporary "part" to get her wheel going and have since ordered more bits including(smack on hand) a precision Lazy kate which I hope will improve my plying skills!I am going to look out for a good second hand Traditional shortly as mine is coming apart and if I have to strip it to repair and tighten Id like to have another to continue but Ill have a serious look at this one first to see how much work is neede first!

I gave Pam her surprise of the Heartspoken Roving from Mandie and she was delighted!

Having fun spinning that black fleece but havent had the right time of day to sit in the sun with it as its much easier to comb when warm and soft!Speaking of which i will go and see if I can comb a bit more before H calls for more "muscle"!!!


  1. Glad that everything has arrived safely :-)
    The back patio is going to look AWESOME!

  2. Thanks Mandie,rather pleased myself!!!!

  3. Thanks Mandie,rather pleased myself!!!!