Thursday, August 16, 2007


Looky what arrived in the mail,the Postie lady actually dragged it out from the room out the back!!!
Lovely Aunty J sent over the gorgeous black fleece I drooled over while visiting!! I cant thank her enough for giving me the opportunity to play with a fleece the type which I took for granted when I learnt to spin years ago as a teenager (pure merino in the 21 micron range but clean and soft like this back fleece) Please be patient with the photos!!!!
Its merino X corredale! its like butter,the staples just need a frick on the tips Ill be able to spin to my hearts content!!
Its black and just undescribable, soft, clean as it was coated and the right length!

Ill be certainly be asking her to hold a fleece next year too!!! Wnder what Aj is going to do with that BFL,should talk her and Cousin K into starting a blog!!!!

3.8 kgs,itll keep me occupied for ages,already Ive got patterns forming in my mind! I should even be able to dye it a bit! I still havent been able to find a "just right" pattern for the lovely grey wool AJ insisted I bring home but Im so looking forward to knitting it because of the soft yummyness!
I ve already buried my nose in this fleece,Tilly was so very rapt with the smelly baa baa,she tried to eat it!!! My friend and work partner Kym thought it stunk!!!!!
At the bottom is a close up of staple combed and ready to spin! Its actually darker than camera showed!

Also a sneak preveiw of new tiles(ungrouted)

Ok Im off, starving I am!!!

hhhmmmm what to have......

Edited: I hope to free awheel up this weekend to start on this one,how exciting,at least it keeps my mind on that dratted job application,though instead of writing eloquent Saos,Ill be dreaming sheep,LOL....


  1. Anonymous5:53 AM

    OH MY LAWDY!! That fleece looks DIVINE! A coated fleece is the ultimate isn't it? I can hardly wait to see what you do with it.
    Your kitchen looks AWESOME - I'm so thrilled for you, love the tiles too :-)
    Gotta catch up for a chat on the blower soon luvvy.

  2. Great looking kitchen. Seeing the washer in there takes me back to England where houses usually don't have separate laundries, so washer/dryers are in the kitchen.
    wonderful yarn. As a none spinner, I can only admire those who can, and wish I could so that I could transform a beautiful fleece into knitting yarn.

  3. You are making me jealous! I have not found nice fleece here yet - have to buy it online and that is always a punt....