Friday, August 03, 2007

Very Pretty English Leicester

I finally got to lay out these lovely locks to finish drying when I could

1 keep an eye on the JR in case she decides to play with Mums wool(she been known to make off with a bit)

2 its such a gorgeous warm winter day and the sun will dry them to the fluffy state I need to tease them out!!!
This blue I thought would be more purple but its verrry nice anyway!!

And to cap off my day Hubby is taking the two boys into hockey late this arvo so Im staying here with the other juniors(No5 is big and ugly enough to look after himself but Mums presence wont harm him)

I dont like missing the game but the younger ones hate it and Hubby has missed a couple himself just to stay home so it was fair this time...besides Dr Whos on!And I feel like spinning a bit!


  1. LOVE your dye job! Isn't EL nice to work with? Great colours :-)

  2. Love the colours you've chosen for your EL, especially the green, my favourite colour.