Friday, August 17, 2007

Blasted Thing

I came back to edit the last post and it ate the edits and then split up the photos so much you have to roll down heaps to find the rest!!!!, does anyone else have this problem? or is it just me,maybe I should follow the trend and head over to Typepad,grrrrr

Anyway besides finishing the bobbins on the wheels,I aim to do a photo shoot of town and maybe a few tommorrow of Kal as a new PE from Scotland contacted me in regards to what Kambalda's like so Im doing a Kambalda Info post just for A and his family so they have an idea of what its like here, hope I dont scare them,LOL....which reminds me havent done the Dunlop one yet......


  1. Blasted thing alright! Yep, Blogger has been acting up the last little while - glad to hear I'm not the only one almost driven crazy!
    Looking forward to seeing some pics of Kal.
    You'll have to tell me what a PE is though, I'm clueless!

  2. I've always found it difficult to get the layout right. I find when I save or publish I often get huge gaps where there weren't any before....then I have to go back in and change it all...grrrr

  3. Hi Ruth,I also found that going back to adjust those gaps I lose bits,very annoying when you cant see the parts that need adjusting and so on!!!

  4. I was off air for a week or so,so haven't noticed, but have problems with layout with more than one photo. My wireless broadband drops out heaps which I think is the more annoying. When your property is classed rural, it means lack of services even if you are part of a major city.Bit off the track there, sorry. Are you waiting on hearing about a job application too?