Thursday, November 15, 2007

For Goodness Sake

As usual I checked the news this arvo before the other stuff and was amazed to see this story!
Is anything safe for this traditional time of the year!
Im not terribly religious(not all of my boys are even baptised,ooh I hope I dont offend anyone here) but this time of the year has become a time to get together if not in person but also by phone etc. Ive never been to Midnight Mass but Id like to drag the family along once before they get too old to boss,LOL. We are having candles by Candle Light at school this year and thats the only Christmassy things happening,no more Xmas Craft Day to be politically correct as well,the kids loved it,lots of fun and the excitement of the coming big Day.A sign of new times?
With the drought the lawns are suffering baddly and I beleive the excessive roo population and the chemical content of the scheme water is causing problems,dry spot,fungal outbreaks and the occasional Lawn Beetle infestation is not helping particularly when we havent had any decent rain to wash and cleanse.There definitely not as much nice lawn to sit on this year...
Onto Christmas...I look forward Colourful cards arriving (which I intend doing early this year) though in recent years that seems to be a fading custom too! I choose specially coloured ones and even match them to the people they are going to,even the messages inside are carefully worded.
None of my boys liked Santa photos but loved to watch from afar and the sound of Christmas Charols I love,especially "Hark the Angel Sing" and I can play quite a few on the electric organ.
On the subject of cards I bought a few bits to start off making our own but havent gotten around to getting the stamps,embossing tools and powders,hmm... oh and dimensional paint for added interest! I did see a sheep stamp that was very cute,wrapped in tinsel with Beware of sheep if I remember correctly...looking back theres heaps I havent got,oh well next year....
Im off to the Girls Night In on Saturday night in Kal with a bunch of other girls from work,a bus ride into town and one is making a letal(by the sounds of it) cocktail,should be fun,a quick trip to town this arvo saw yet another pair of shoes that were a bit more upmarket than the usual flatties! To be worn witha top that i bought last Chrissy for the Staff Do and havent had a chance to wear again and jeans 'cause everyone else is....Ill try to think to get Hubby to take a going out piccie on Saturday night,LOL
PS Dont look at the dog hair floor or the work boot spider veins,ugh!!!!

On the fibre news,Ive been busy with this....

These are Optim tops from Gods knows where,out of my stash anyhow.....soft and silky
cant wait to spin it...The below ones I think are Merino...done separately Ill pick an order and spin to that,spipey yarn will result,I decree...


  1. Anonymous3:33 AM

    Awesome dye job and colours you've got happening there - just beautiful!!

  2. Gorgeous- just gorgeous fibre....
    I can hardly wait to see what the yarn looks like from it!

    Hope you had a good night out- lot of laughter and fun. :)

    You sound like me with wanting to make your Cmas cards and all those good intentions...
    where to find the time for such things?
    Like you, I also used to spend extraordinary amounts of time to write notes and personalise the cards and choose designs etc that I thought the family recving them would like. Maybe someday again.... I still choose the card carefully- but rarely get much written in them.

    I loooove rcvg. handmade cards and gifts so much more than store bought. They don't have to be fancy- for me it truly IS the thought that counts. :)

    Thanks for the fibre eye candy and the blog update...
    wishing you rain to ease the drought.

  3. I just can't believe what society is coming too!!!! My kds will be bought up knowing that Santa says Ho Ho Ho regardless of these stupid politically correct imbasiles trying to teach us otherwise.
    Anyway.... Great fibres, you'll make some fantastic wool with that lot!! The shoes look great and I hope you have a fun time at your girls night out.


  4. Hope you has a great "night in".
    Thanks for your kind wishes. I got the job at the ATO and start 3/12

  5. Mmmm pretty roving! I love to dye. The stripey yarn will be so pretty!