Friday, November 09, 2007

Renovation delights

I dont think Ive put any piccies up of the nearly finished kitchen so thought Id do it today as I havent got any other knittery news,the only finished item is for the Ravelry Tea Cosy Swap and the recipient may pick up on its colour and that would ruin the fun!!!

The grey bits on the wall at the back are the cutch combed parts Hubbys done to help make the wall tiles stay fixed(Bloody mess he makes too ,bits everywhere and he leaves it for me to clean up when I get home from work)!!!

From the other end and of course B.. wanted to take a picture too :)

And a couple of the near completed back verandah and car port,Hubbys dashed off to Kal to get himself a pick and post hole shovel to dig the trench for the new water line hes putting inso he can attach the two garden taps(also so the new earth for house apparently )

Its a varitable mess but hopefully if I plan a BBQ for Christmas it may get cleaned up as the inside did today when Mr Bowler himself called in! Even the kids pitched in,what can I say,I do Not feel like house work after most days at School,LOL

Oh and the lawn is usually lovely and green but as Hubbys been home for some time I rarely get the chance to"sneak" some water onto it though the plumbagoes are thriving and everything needs a hair cut! Heres the car port,we hope to put an automatic gate so we can drive in without getting out of car though I would rather the old fashioned way,LOL

Im off to have a catnap as Hubby has nicked off with my car so I have an excuse not to go to the pool for a while (I have a new book to start....)


  1. Anonymous5:30 PM

    Your new kitchen is gorgeous! Our renovations are coming along....albeit slowly. I can hardly wait for it all to be done so we can think about taking the next step and living our dream :-)

  2. Anonymous3:42 PM

    Love your new oven on legs - I like the idea of cleaning underneath one. Must remember that when we change our oven :-) Isn't the tea cosy swap tons of fun!

  3. Kitchen is looking great, and I bet you aren't half pleased about that.
    Go ahead and plan that BBQ, any method of getting something cleaned is good. :-) koxtd