Saturday, November 24, 2007

A long time

I just couldnt bring myself to sit and "yarn" on here this week,the world just seems to be weighing heavy and my mind too preoccupied,
Mandies special Fibre Club Parcel will be here soon(really excited about that!!!) and although I have yet to "empty" the only wheel I want to play on, Im so looking forward to seeing what she s put in,I feel I may be a bit conservative so this 3 month club will hopefully allow me to experiment a bit!!!
Ive nearly finished the preset list of handcrafted gifts but I fear as Xmas approaches Im adding to the wish I had more time List as I really want to surprise a few more treasured friends,And I have only 2 weeks,YIKES... to finish that baby shawl.....

The weekend is spent catching up on the chores I cant get to because of work,the pools open so any spare time is spent watching the kids frolick. (And throw in an unexpected visitor or two to recieve some free tomato plants from Hubby,Ive spent my free craft time cleaning up after 6 little or big piggies,GRRRRRR)
Im not really a water person though I do jump in occasionally and if I can get a nice spot, its the ideal time to work on the dishcloths/washers Im doing as small gifts for various staff and teachers(I wonder how many choccies they'll get this year!!)
Im loving the baby shawl and am 20 rows short of starting the exciting bits of lace,I think there ll be around 790 sts in the lace part so im seriously doubting Ill get it done in the time I wanted,LOL But the recipient is letting me know where she going in Perth so Ill be able to send it on!!!!


  1. Is that Jo Sharp's pattern for tea pot mat? It looks good in variagated colours! I have just knitted one for my sister for Christmas, but in plain green cotton. I liked the pattern.

  2. Those cloths are gorgeous.