Thursday, September 27, 2012

A little research

Leads to a day out in the bush up the road...
the assignment needs me to look at themes and interpretation,had my heart set on landscape as I ve seen so much here thats crying out to be painted or captured in some way...
Lake Lefroy,the starting place for WA Salt Company who are still operating today just not here,apparently they moved onto Pink lake in Esperance and so on,the remains of their plant is seen here and there,there was more up along a road we didnt investigate,next time I think,I love it out there,quiet though tends to be a bit windy across the lake itself and also sunburny too with the glare.
There was a delicious cruch under foot when I walked across the salt,it was wet but there was enough of it to hold my weight without sinking into the grey mud underneath,look at the waves!!
NOt sure what these are but look like fringe lillies except they were climbers! and I only saw them in among the porcipine grass which also full flower
Edited to add yes I was right!!  Twining Fringe Lilly... Thysanotus patersonii
Check out more here

The shapes shadows and colour was fascinating and I have to go back for more...


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