Thursday, September 27, 2012


But who!!
I sometimes read the stats to see if anyone actually reads my waffle and its interesting the spread from all over the world,yesterday there was one person from Ireland,wow ! I have family over there from 4 or 5 generations ago hence feel a link, so please, comment and make your self known whoever or where you are!! There are so many stories re lives out there Id love to know yours!!!
On another note, my heart goes out to the poor lass in Melbourne,what a sad day it is for her family both here in Australia and in Ireland.
Today Im going to start my body of work,throwing stuff around,have all these things in my mind to try so hoping I can do at least a few plus the VD of course,I really need a large stretching board for the water colour paper not sure what Im goign to do there,I may get a few minutes in Kal tomorrow at Bunnings as I have to take Bunnies ,Taffy and Fluffa,Tilly as well, for their needles as the Vets not coming out for a couple of months and bloody parvo is spreading in town (Kalgoorlie). Fluffa comes straight out when I open the door but Taffy plants herself at the back and being so heavy she hard to budge to the amusement of the vets!!
Ok its time to move but Ill post another of the Salt Lake,played around to get the blues here..

Another close up


  1. I like these, particularly the line of poles. My sister has just returned after a "grey nomad" type trip to WA and she loved the outback beauty. She was by herself in a small fold down caravan. She had a great time and loved it but was glad to be home again. She's a breast cancer survivor since 1997 although there have been several scares along the way. With money from Mum's estate she bought a Subaru and the van and was determined to go to prove she could do it.

    She went down to MIldura, across through SA and spent some time in Kalgoorlie. She then turned north from there (???) and went up the coast. Stayed in lots of places, motels occasionally, in caravan parks on stations and in towns and beside waterholes. She had some friends in these places who took her into the bush and to other attractions.

    She babysat a house in Norman for six weeks, watering the orchard, minding dogs and feeding horses and stock. She's done that sort of stuff before over here. On the way back, she went down coast to southwest but the weather was appalling so she could not do much. She hated driving even the small van in gales and downpours.

    Back through Broken Hill and across to Sydney through Parkes and Dubbo. Says she will return but wants to go to Alice Springs first. She loved the camping ground ad Mt Fraser station. I think that was the name. Good facilities, reasonable prices. She would love your photos too.

  2. Mt Frazer station would have been wonderful!!!!Ive passed a few times and would love to go check it out,Hubby bought a roof top camper for the cruiser and we were supposed to go to the Aurora Helena range for guided camp tour with the wilderness society but it was cancelled now Hubbys cranky I go anywere else for a while,a bit hard with the boys though. Your sister is/has done what i want to do,to prove I can,lol thats why I drove over to my Mums when she had the clearing sale towing a heavy big trailer to bring home stuff of Dads. Enjoyed everybit of it,the freedom wow!

  3. She bought a small van which opens up into an A-frame. Double bed but it would be cramped in bad weather with two people. She didn't like driving in heavy winds or rain with it so stayed a bit longer when that happened. she had no time constrictions. If she can do it, so can you. she's in her 60s. She stayed at Mt Frazer both ways. Camping, cabins, all sorts of accommodation, good, clean facilities. A cooking area and a small shop.

  4. Oh I know the little van,we checked one out at the camp show in Kalgoorlie,loved the way it folds up and I think Hubby and I could bear the smallness if that the only van we could get but if I had a choice itd be the one with fold up bunks so when the boys are gone we could put a motor bike in there but at $40 grand cough cough...