Sunday, September 23, 2012


anyone there,I just couldnt get here and looking at the space between this and the last well hmm ....
I went in to see what some of my favourie bloggers ahve been doing and I was locked out of the only link, "Guya Girl" I have to the nicest peoples. I get the idea Blogger has updated itself since last I wa here and hopefully "Guya Girl didnt think I was snooping "(
News well not much,im studying again,currently putting together a Negotiated Proposal with a start of some ideas to carry through to a major body of work

and this one I whipped up in a few minuites,over worked but fun..
Yer I know a bit rough but really they are great to work out direction and also an insight into problems I might encounter
One of the things I have picked up is that not to be impatient, spend time to come back to look and it will get better. Im really enjoying playing with oils too,the top one is the bottom is just acrylics,all have their place but I think its good to broaden the horizon..
I did this own ages ago and was putting it into the local exhibit to support the lovely person putting it together but I didnt after finding out no local were in this year despite this person asking me to participate. Another staffy did and Im glad I didnt as it was the students annual exhibit despite previous years having heaps of support this year they werent around. This staffys effort looked out o place with the kids.
Anyway Ive worked this effort a quite abit and havent finished yet,its growing,probably still childish in many ways but the colour gets me

I did have a pic of it more finished so ill go see if I can find it..
Nope but I will throw this in,Kalgoorlie Race Round has the young ones in a tither,best dressed of the whole year,my two oldest are at the age they can get in and have fun...
No one doesnt smile for the camera very often,Number Two is a natural....
and my poppies are out too
It doesnt mean the weathers warm yet,its been cold this last fw days,Im snuggling in the flannl PJs still and I so want it to warm up.This next week is the last of the term and Ive taken 4 days annual leave to get some study done,wish we could wizz off and have a few days break but assistant is taking all the holidays off so i have to go to work let the traddies in,Ill take a painting kit with me and use spare time up plus I m knitting two pairs of socks at moment,8ply Opal and some quite thing baamboo wool sock yarn I picked up last week,that should my mind occupied from the nasties lurking

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