Tuesday, March 31, 2015

ho hum

I have a belated RDO tomorrow with one on time friday week,no internet speed means I havnt been able to do much research,even my drawings are lacking,so tired from work,I go from a high to a huge low,5 days off I hope will let me unwind to get these drawings to an acceptable level,hardly anyone on BB so can see what other students are doing.
On the other front, Im doing a lot of spinning,I hope the Back to Back is happening in Toodyay on the long weekend,I need a break away although a bit more than a month away it should be good,unfortunatley the hosts Delvine and Peter are away but Im think going to the town for meals will get me out,Im getting to be a recluse
Drawing 1

a new leaf

unfinished drawing 2

Sam dug the hole and I guided him in planting our lemon tree

Finished shawl

first of three washcloths in a swap for hand madesoap off a local lass

Charly fibre...a rare scottish ba ba

Ms Gussets Tonofwool shawl,its unbelievable luscious,10 ply warmness
drawing 3

Drawing 4, these will be worked on much more just the grounding


  1. I am curious about your online studies as my TAFE is pushing all it's staff to get their courses on line. Unfortunately for me they closed the 3D department and sold off all the equipment so I am unemployed, but I have wondered how a visual art course can be conducted on line. I did a course online years ago, it was Indonesian Language. Our Black board sessions were 1.5 hours, once a week. What do the lecturers do to try and improve participation? Do you have to share your work in progress? Do the other students critique your work also? I currently have a private pottery student studying sculpture on line. I am struggling to get my head around that.

  2. In short,The course outline and guide is sent out and Im allocated a tutor who I direct my work questions etc,the essay stuff is easy but with practical work we participate in a Blackboard where we share ideas and work in progress which is vital at times ,I get lost on how much I work on pieces and when is enough is enough also direction what materials etc,Im doing this drawing unit at moment that entails all medium as drawing doesnt necessarily mean pencil inks etc,Iv used a variety of Chinese ink via bamboo stick paint brush,pouring etc,water colour pencils gouache , collage with real paper bark. I cant quite get my head around it,lol Ill post some examples when my net speed is back. The practical units can be posted in but the least expensive way is the Power Point Presentation,you have a minimum number of artist for research, self evaluation,you address areas as directed in submission guides, photos of work in progress to help the tutor see your work ideas or ethic and the final works of course. I find this a good way to do a course ,mine is a double degree in Visual and Fine art, I could ave done either as a standard alone degree bt I was aiming for a teaching degree,this has changed now so I have to go to Perth and attend a 12 month Dip Ed in Sec Teaching to qualify for the Master ed which is a 12 month course half at uni and half online,I doubt I will unless my situation changes as I have to eat,lol Also as Im 50 this year maybe private teaching and running something like a gallery /cafe/nursery will be better as Hubby can work in with me. Attending a art course in person with like minded people is something that would be so much better however on the positive side I can work full time still and do this stdy after hours and weekends,it means no life for the duration of course too,at moment Im up to 5 th year,I should finish Sep next year if Im not forced to take a SP off. Ill send you a copy of one of my better PPP. its unfortunate they have cut back on Tafe,Ive done all of my eduaction via distance learning but thered be many who couldnt. my son is in year 11 this year and one of his courses is online via local tafe,IT.they closed the arts dep in Curtin Kalgoorlie a few years back ,theres a wonderful huge building going to waste

  3. I forgot to add ,the tuor will stae if participation on BB is marked but gearlly just popping in and chatting to other student re work and ideas and posting questions that may beof help to others,they do have real time chats but I can figure out how to get the blasted thing working,Ill have too by the last four units as they add collaboration seession to end of unit grades at times,the final units are aslo looked over and marked by a panel too not just one teacher, I found the thing was to check the current tutors work they do themselves and try to follow the same interest,while incorporating my ideas,that way Im on the same wavelength as teacher. theres plenty of time after degree to get into my own stuff
    PS theres a drop box in submission page where you upload assignment and for essay stuff they have Turnitin available to check for plagorism,I have my own account as I found Curtins to be unrealiable