Friday, March 13, 2015

Its a hot day

Autumn mader her present known then left,maybe its a warning to appriciate the warmth before those frosty mornings? 35 I think today,aircon is working,it died the other night so there was some hectic chasing of our lovely local electrician for a spare part,for that I am thank ful
Ive gone back a onth with my shoulders again and now have numbness in left hand,Im think its taking a holiday as right did it last week
The leaf blower I normally use had an issue with a bolt breaking off muffler so I borrowed the cleaners spare old one,well what a big mistake the vibration of the thing was aweful,my arms shoulder and chest ached the next day and although subsided Im on heavy pain meds again. I used a broom for rest of week,no one complained yet,the offending blower will be returned with a smile but I should have mine back this week,good excuse to have a trip to town
This weekend I have to get cracking on VD then do some mind maps and experiments ,cut up my paper to the size I want,NOT A1,,well not for the first ones,five in depth drawings,Ill post some stuff up later
I might for other creative spirits play with some oils i picked up yesterday,they were being thrown out as shop isnt stocking art stuff any more,$2 for 100ml Monte Art oils,in the basic but not normal basic colours,olive green not green and gold not yellow but i got white black crimson cobalt blue,I might go hunt for the matching primaries later
I have a saddle of grey alpaca coming too so I must get my wheel free,cant spin for too long with arms but Ill have second bobbin of Norwegian off today,not sure if I showed the top before,its a Charly edition more braid to go.there ll be enough for a large shawl,might I do another Multinomah....
 And this lot I originally bought  from the Australian Spinners Group where  Inveliegh farm had their sale,she kindly spun up the remainder again Charly fibre lol Ill ball and check how it knits and then pork out the pattern,beautiful and soft single plied with mettalic thread

The next shawl will also be off the needles this weekend

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